Guy Unchained Vol. 1

You like a girl? You have pictured her naked? You still in the friend zone? Did you know you can’t can fuck her without dating her? If “girls” were the name of a university course, I would have been that kid who killed himself due to the annual visitation of failure. Girls are EVE-ool, I still firmly believe Eve was the serpent who tempted herself to eat the forbidden fruit. They got no love for nice guys, they never open their heart for them but somehow manage to accommodate them in a place called THE FRIEND ZONE. It was formerly … Continue reading Guy Unchained Vol. 1

The Rise and Fall

Hi Guys, Great to have you here. Yes, Yes, we’ve been as consistent as Olivia Pope’s straight face. we know. If you’ve been an avid reader of this blog, you’d know that every long absence must mean we’re cooking up something. Matter of fact, we are. Our next series is in the works and in no time, we’ll furnish information on that. For now though, we have a guest here to entertain you guys. Remember, all posts sent in are hardly edited and retain the content as sent (except deemed unfit) So yeah, let him know what you think of … Continue reading The Rise and Fall

Garage Boys: Global Domination

Ssup guys? So a friend of mine sent me this post a while back and it has been sitting in my drafts since forever. I stumbled on it again today and I thought it would be a crime not to share this with you guys. There…the best introduction ever. Don’t forget to comment. We live for feedback… @Terdoh… ***  *Everywhere seemed calm on a Thursday evening. The lights were turned off, the tv set illuminated the room ’till it ceded to darkness.* MAKO: Aaaaargh! Na NEPA? FAJI: No, na PHCN. MAKO: *sighs* electricity can never ever be steady in this country. It … Continue reading Garage Boys: Global Domination

Life in the Fart lane

TSC Random Fact: The guy in the “Honeywell Noodles” advert has not known real love and societal acceptance since he appeared on that ad. This is in spite of his dedicated effort to conceal his identity with glasses and a hat. Brethren, Aliens really live amongst us. Moving on… Today’s Post is one of those I-didn’t-mean-to-write-anything typa posts that just hit you randomly. You know those kinda posts that develop while you’re taking a shit or picking beans (as @TheGreyGenesis often experiences). This isn’t my story yeah but I enjoyed it so much, I just had to share. Don’t be … Continue reading Life in the Fart lane

Skin Tight

Yes, Yes, it’s been a while we wrote. Go on then take your best shot. Anyways, be thankful we are here now. lol. Don’t mind us jare. We are cooking up something that is taking lots of offline work, brain storming and all that stuff so yeah, look out for that. To keep you company today Ladies and Gentlemen, Please welcome @Demi_Carson *** The 11th commandment: thou shall have no resemblance to Willie Wonka. Dressed in shorts, cute brogues and a drop dead gorgeous vintage blouse, I sit at the newest eatery in town waiting for my date to show … Continue reading Skin Tight

The Plant

Before we dive into our post for today, It’s Blog Award season again. On behalf of Terdoh and Dammy, Allow me say Thanks for your nominations and Votes last year, As a result, We emerged the “Most Humorous Blog of 2011”  It’s a new year and We Know that we can repeat this feat. We aren’t priding, We are soliciting. (Please) Do nominate us by clicking here  In the boxes, just type in our web link (www .tscng. wordpress. com) in any category you consider us worthy of. (Do not put us in all, as that warrants a void vote) … Continue reading The Plant

Shitty Business

I must say growing up was fun. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t entirely fun back then but now, when you sit back relaxed with a hot cup of molten choco milo and reflect on the past, you actually realise it was fun – sometimes, I’m even honest to myself to admit i miss it. Whenever I’m struck with such memories, its the ones with me in nursery and primary school that get me laughing a lot. Come on, you can’t tell me you never covered your ass with ur hand, farted and used the same hand to cover ur … Continue reading Shitty Business

Things That Keep Me Up At Night

As we all know, Terdoh is a sick, perverted, gay dude. And I don’t mean the happy kind. See, he wanted me to write about incest. Like, brothers and sisters playing mummy and daddy and such. Can you imagine? *sigh* But really. What is incest? I mean, doesn’t it depend on how we look at it? I could spend hours online looking for irrefutable evidence that everyone is related to everyone else (seeing as we all started with Adam and Eve), thus we are all guilty of incest. No? Well, I don’t rally have that much mental strength. We will … Continue reading Things That Keep Me Up At Night