Hey Guys, welcome to this blog again. Yes i know that some of you are here because you expect to read something as brilliant as the last post, well fuck it. I couldn’t get my supplier to deliver an early pack of my good stuff, so you’re gonna bear with whatever i dish out on here. By the way, i partied hard last night and i’m not back to my right senses…or left as the case really is. *shrugs* So, we oughta have an Outerviews post today but heck it! Y’all were too lazy to send in anything (yes. Its … Continue reading WWW? iDK!


Hey everyone, toolsman here. Oops! Sorry. You know how these things can be. I never really perfected the art of plagiarism. I belonged to those class of people who dubbed Mat nos alongside answers. We were the guys you would tell: “Please don’t copy word for word o!” and we would say “of course not. I’m changing them” PSYCHE!!! So its Sirkastiq here and today on TSC, we shall be bringing you something distinctively different. It’s Wet Wednesday!! Applause anyone? Oh camman! And here I thought you guys would be excited with this new idea. *sigh*™ . Anyway, I know … Continue reading WET R18

OuterViews V

Hello, welcome to Outerviews today. It is I, the beautiful, delectable, amazing –  *Saka cuts in*, “hey, this is not your show!”  OK, whatever! *whispers* “Saka likes me.”  Anyway, it is I, @TheFakeesse, Ifunanya of #EsseBoobs fame. (Yes, this is shameless self promotion, but who cares?) Anyway, I wil be your host today, and on the show, we have amazing multi-talented Nollywood star, businezz (she made me spell it this way) tycoon and all round diva.. I give you, Tonto Dikeh!!!!! *applause from mainly Africa Magic filled Audience* Please note, due to the nature of this outerview, my default facial … Continue reading OuterViews V


IMPORTANT INFORMATION Dear reader/viewer/whoever you are, due to the fiery nature of this Outerview, we shall not be posting any pictures. This is to keep the physical identity of our guest completely secret. This is also because he/it/she is known to take up various forms as was the case during this meeting. MORE IMPORTANT INFORMATION This outerview was carried out in temperatures reaching 50 degrees Celsius somewhere near Ladipo market, Oshodi. Let’s just say we needed something close to our guests natural habitat and a perfect setting where he likes to reside. VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION This post is not for … Continue reading DEVelaTION I

OuterViews IV

*In serious, stern face* The Outerview you are about to read is one laced with subtle hints of brilliance, bravery and depth. Our desire to bring you the inside scoop of happenings all around us sometimes drives us to places that even Angels and/or demons fear to tread. Seeing as I’m none of the above (I’m a ‘scent’), I decided to send in a daring correspondent, a patient of chronic psychosis, a morphed chinese fish..A Sushey. * * * It was with a great sense of pleasure and humility that I accepted to take part in this endeavour to educate … Continue reading OuterViews IV


“Please Read and RT…” A very popular line we see around these parts. Infact, i’m sure a lot of you saw this instruction before proceeding on here. Whether you actually do help the cause is another cool story altogether but that’s not why we are here. You see, Ladies and Gentlemen, today we shall be doing some serious soul searching. Yes. Shit is serious. Based on the amount of Patients we have checked into TSC recently, it’s only natural that we embark on this exercise for the sake of my sanity. Yes I’m running mad. You wanna know who’s driving … Continue reading Commen8urrs

OuterViews III

*walks into recording studio furiously having upper and lower teeth conversations with the unlucky piece of what was once a ram* Keeps chewing irritatingly…attempts to talk with mouth full (no luck)* signals producer to ‘hold on’*…*licks fingers, all five of them, then wipes mouth with back of palm* Eid Mubarak my brothers and sisters..*looks at other piece of meat in hand* You know what, @xoAFRO will just host you guys today. I can’t. *kisses meat* NB: anywhere you see #LAUGH, kindly insert the fake sitcom laughter so that our audience would think that the show is actually funny. Thank you! … Continue reading OuterViews III

TNC Review

What you are about to read is TSC’s review of the just concluded TNC. *pause* Incase you are not aware,  TNC (The Naked Convos) is our sister site and as such we are entitled to their content and events. What this means is that we at TSC have exclusive rights to… abeg all this isn’t necessary. Right, moving on… Before i proceed, i might as well answer the most #FAQ  “What is TNC?”  Originally, it was a blog site managed by @thetoolsman, (thetoolsman.wordpress.com) now though, it has evolved to a website managed by the @thetoolsman. The difference between a blogsite … Continue reading TNC Review