Food Porn – @Cumical

Welcome guys…to what is the last day of the food porn serie… Wait. That was yesterday. Right? But hey, you guys weren’t gonna leave me out of the fun, now…were you? Come on. You weren’t gonna get all the entertainment without involving The Dark Skinned Lovegod aka Mr. Birthmark-On-The-Nutsack aka #NoseFam aka #TeamBrokeUglyAndAnonymous aka Goddamn-How-Many-Aliases-Does-This-Nigga-Have aka I’ve Been Reading Way Too Many Big GhostFace Reviews… So surprise! I’m here. I should get right to it already but I really have to apologize for delivering late. If Laziness was a human he would appear every time I looked in the mirror … Continue reading Food Porn – @Cumical

Food Porn – @TheGreyGenesis

Welcome Guys to what is the last day in the “Food Porn” series. We would love to thank all who participated in making this a reality; All the contributors and those of you have frequented here just to keep up with the posts. Thanks so much. Our apologies to those who sent in content but we were unable to use as a result of the tight schedule. We really do appreciate it. Do remember that you can nominate this blog in the Nigerian Blog Awards by clicking here and inserting in the categories you deem fit, especially the “Best … Continue reading Food Porn – @TheGreyGenesis

Food Porn – @mimiakuse

Dodo. Dodo. And again I say, Dodo. Yes, Dodo deserves to be spelt with with a capital D. You may refer to it as the English word ‘plantain’ but it doesn’t quite roll off your tongue like Dodo. Dodo is perfect in all its ways. When it is sliced into those juicy chunks, slighty spiced before being placed into that deathly hot oil… Soon after, the golden goodness that emerges can be compared to not one single thing on the surface of this earth. Dodo + a rich salad will open you up to a deeper understanding of life Dodo … Continue reading Food Porn – @mimiakuse

Food Porn – @TheTemitope

“I like food. I like eating. And I don’t want to deprive myself of good food.” – Sarah Michelle Gellar. “You are what you eat.” – Ludwig Andreas Feuerbach. “Man shall not live by bread alone.” – Jesus, before the existence of Pounded Yam and efo riro. “A man who bites shaki with his eyes open fears no man” – Anonymous tweet. “Pounded Yam isn’t the secret to fulfilling happiness. Happiness is the secret to fulfilling pounded yam.” – @TheTemitope “The hand that poorly garnishes efo riro is a compliment of 99 problems.” – @TheTemitope *** I felt like opening … Continue reading Food Porn – @TheTemitope

Food Porn – @McBethThePoet & @Slayaar

Hi Guys, Today, we have a double header; a poem and of course a normal post. We know we requested for entry posts but we must state that we have exceeded our capacity as we have all the entries we can ‘afford’. As a result, we cannot take any more entries. We do want to thank everyone for participating (reading and writing) We at TSC appreciate you. We must also inform our dear readers that it is Award season again in Blogsville and this means it’s time to give honour to whom it is due. We are hoping that ‘honour’ … Continue reading Food Porn – @McBethThePoet & @Slayaar

Food Porn – @CeceNoStockings

I remember the first day I saw you, in your plain Jane goodness – skin so smooth and fair. Nothing really stood out, I mean, I’d seen you around from time to time and I’d never really given a second look. But something about the way you approached me that hot afternoon. Maybe I was just intrigued because you made the first move and came to me instead. I watched cautiously as you stood in front of me, waiting, your skin glistening under the sunlight. Needless to say, I was powerless to resist. I mean, there was something about you, … Continue reading Food Porn – @CeceNoStockings

Food Porn – @Monsieur_RJ

Niggas always say stuff like “Life is just a pot of beans“. They say it to sound funny, to express how bad a situation is or whatever the hell it is. Bottom-line is, they equate beans to bad events. Truth is, those niggas ain’t know shit & it breaks my heart when I hear the great beans being ridiculed like that. A little story about my love for beans. People ask me “Yo RJ, what’s your favorite meal?” (and by people I mean bitch ass niggas, cos real niggas ain’t gon ask shit about another nigga’s favorite meal). Normally I … Continue reading Food Porn – @Monsieur_RJ

Food Porn – @Sirkastiq

My Topic is beans. Here’s a clue: I’m a rebel. Keep that in mind, You’ll need it. ********** How do I start this shit? It’s not beans. I mean this literally, figuratively and any other-ly you can possibly think of. This is by far one of the hardest things to do; I mean come out of my usually comfortable shell to share on a topic like this. This might take quite some time (although this varies on the speed of your comprehension and assimilation) so we might as well proceed. I had always wondered what the connection between indigenes of … Continue reading Food Porn – @Sirkastiq

Food Porn – @NickFish3r

                    I have always considered myself a very logical person. Love however is illogical, hence this entrapment in which I find myself. Let me paint a picture of how illogical love is. It was love that didn’t make Jack kick Rose the hell off that solitary plank in the North of the ice cold Atlantic when the RMS Titanic sank in 1912. It was love that made Jesus die for all y’all sins. Sincerely can any one of you reading this shit die for a stranger? (Jack met Rose on that … Continue reading Food Porn – @NickFish3r

Food Porn – @BoukkieO

*Insert Trumpet Sound* Since y’all are still here, we might as well conclude that y’all are going to hell. Let’s carry on then shall we? Welcome, Ladies, Gentlemen and all of you that think it’s cool to go out of your houses without brushing your teeth. Welcome to Food Porn. So yeah, yesterday, I introduced you to the new series that we have running on the site and just in case you were away looking for an illegal download link of Drake’s album and thus missed that, I shall do a quick recap. On “Food Porn”, we shall be sharing … Continue reading Food Porn – @BoukkieO