Food Porn – An Intro

*np “Nothing Was The Same album” *Tears* *Picks up phone* *Dials number 080 xxxx xx xx* “Hello…Is this xxx?” “Yeah K, what’s up? Whatchu want?” “Hey xxx, *sniff sniff* I’m just here listening to this Drake album and I’m wondering if maybe you and I…*breaks down in tears* LMAOOOOOOOOOOO. Ok, I’ll quit with the Drake jokes cos I mean they’re entirely played out! Most of you guys be talmabout Drake got you wanna call/text yo ex. Truth be told, She dumped yo ass. You’re not even an ex, you were shown the exit. How ’bout you cry about that and … Continue reading Food Porn – An Intro

The Man Code

Sirkastiq: So, during the week I was chilling with my nigga and then we found ourselves talking about really random stuff called ‘women’ Now my nigga was in some Nelly/Kelly type dilemma shit and being a nice guy, I was tryna get him out of that Rick Ross-is-leaning-on-the-door type fix. Terdoh: Wait, are we talking about me? Sirkastiq: So somehow, we drifted and started talking about the ‘man code’ and what that’s about. We decided to check it up online and we stumbled across some rules that supposedly guide the folk with penises on how to behave. Terdoh: Ugh! Why … Continue reading The Man Code