RoLLing CreDits..

*strolls to podium, cocks head to the side à là Obama style, looks at crowd, taps mic* You know how you ask people how they are doing and their automated impulsive answer is “fine, thank you,” even if they had just been hit by a rusted, rickety Molue? Yeah..I honestly do not know why I just wrote that ‘cos it has nothing to do with why I’m tapping at these keys. It was just a thought that passed by my brain and so…ah. Whatever! I digress… Telling you it’s the end of the year is like telling you what your … Continue reading RoLLing CreDits..

Not for Guys!!!

*Runs into TSC. Shit! Shit! Shit! All these enemies that don’t want me to post today, FIRE!!!!* Sorry o people, I had a mad day and night yesterday (what kinda grammar is that?), I’d almost forgotten to post this.. Ah well, ladies you know I told you I love you? Yes? Let me prove it.. Here are some tips from my favorite,funny in a dry kinda way, big nosed… @TheFakeEsse grabs mic… O_O ——————————————————– No need for fancy salutations and all. Let’s cut to the chase. I’m not going to speak big words, and lacquer my post over with so … Continue reading Not for Guys!!!

Not For Ladies!!!

Here’s the season to be jolly, la la la la la, lala, lala… Ho Ho Ho (that’s you, you and you). Welcome to TSC. Today, we’ll be having a special feature. I did this post some weeks ago for Daily Times but I figured it should come up here, so I sent it to Olatoxic’s girlfriend Terdoh for some touch ups and craze injection… There shall be a counter on this post tomorrow so might wanna look out for that. ——————————————————- Hey there mortals… First of all, I don’t like the intro Saks gave me. Yeah, I call him … Continue reading Not For Ladies!!!


*rushes into TSC* Dear readers and members of the TSC community, ‘Sup fam? We have to interrupt your regular programming or whatever/whoever it is you were doing to bring you this important media chat. Well, its not really a media chat ‘cos I was the only one present and…oh fuck it. You know the drill… My fellow Nigerians. I have received and read most of the letters you have sent or written in the national dailies. You people have time o! Do you know how many of such letters i receive daily? Don’t you guys have jobs or something like … Continue reading PresSpeaks

OuterViews VI

I wanted to write an intro here but I couldn’t think of anything funny enough so I’m just gonna skip the intro and allow y’all read the post. By @JussBasco Welcome to the TSC studios once again, it’s a lovely day but for some “unknown” reason(s) the atmosphere in here seems to be down caste. I am Basco; your host for today and I’m glad to finally get a chance to work with humans; let’s hope this goes well. Anyways without wasting money(what y’all refer to as time)let’s invite our guest to the stage *round of applause*. *spotlight aims way … Continue reading OuterViews VI


“Are you not going to ask me to send you my picture?” Me: “Of course. I just didn’t want to be forward. Please send me one. A sexy one *winks* 😉 “Ok. Coming right up 😀 ” *picture sent* This is a rant. No seriously, it is. i have had enough of this shit, i can literally not stand it anymore. i’m pissed. I shall speak today or forever hold my piss so yes I’m taking a piss. Ladies, i love you and i know you love me more but why? (-̩̩̩⌣́_⌣̀-̩̩̩) Turn to your neighbor and ask why? I … Continue reading YimU

No EXcuseS

“You may not be able to change your past but your future has no right to take you by surprise” I’m not really much of a story teller but i’m gonna share this anyway. The UME results had just been released and like thousands of others, Mark had hurried to the notice board to see if his name was on it. In those days, admission lists were placed on the school’s board and not online as we have today. “YES!” he screamed, as he found his name on the list. His joy was however shortlived as he traced it to… … Continue reading No EXcuseS