Ride or Die?

Hey y’all. Y’all staying alive? Breathing easy? Doing Good #NoMegan. Fine. As part of our desire to constantly churn out material that helps soothe you guys, we have decided to add another feather to the TSC cap. Well, it goes without saying that we’re the best when it comes to humor in Nigeria, Let’s not brag about our 3 recognition awards but yeah. No one comes close. What we want to do at TSC is to build a community of writers who have their head screwed deep in humor, Guys who can deliver funny stuff without even trying, people who … Continue reading Ride or Die?


Sirkastiq: Just in case you don’t know, today is a very special day in history. No not because it’s World Wildlife day (where we celebrate ‘people’ like Terdoh) Terdoh: Your ancestors are wildlife heroes Sirkastiq: Don’t interrupt me nigga, I’m trying to share history with these wonderful people Terdoh: You’re still an animal tho… Sirkastiq: See, behaviour like this only buttresses my point. Anyway, I was saying… *click* Sirkastiq: Yo Dee, can you maybe put the phone down and take your selfies later? I’m trying to communicate here Grey: *click click* I’m trying to get the best angle yo Terdoh: … Continue reading Banter

To Hit or Not

So, I may or may not have been watching an ensuing argument in the upville house of the Big Brother Stargame last sunday when my interest was piqued by the Particular Topic the housemates were yapping about. In an intense fight. With your Partner. In a Committed relationship. Is it Okay. To hit, or not to Hit. This Argument tickled me silly because: 1) Of all issues to discuss (like How to achieve World Peace, What to do about Global warming, The Glory & beauty of Plantain & egg sauce etc.) these folk gave Preeminence to THAT issue. 2) Everything … Continue reading To Hit or Not

On a scale of 1 to BadAss

Well Aloha and welcome again. As was stated in my last post, we do have new writers and categories. This category is titled “Cool Stories of our lives” and is solely run by @TheGreyGenesis. I don’t think he needs any introduction as you must have read his debut post www.tscng.wordpress.com/coolstory  I’m just here to do this intro and won’t be in your face any further, Hopefully, this section should be up on sundays so look out for that… yeah, over to you Grey… ———————————————————————————————————————————————————– In the Name of Your Individual Village Juju(s) I Greet & Welcome you. Please take your Seats … Continue reading On a scale of 1 to BadAss

Cool Story

Why hello good people and bienvenué to TSC. Today I’m just gonna go straight into it, we’ve got a guest post from a cool dude, cool because he tells the coolest stories around. Like his stories always get me in stitches. I was privileged to read one such on my TL and i had to snap him up sharply like Sir Alex did Chicharito. I’ll step aside and let you enjoy this piece by @TheGreyGenesis … See you on the other side ——————————————————————————————————————————— I wondered & wondered which of the ‘Jesus Take me Away’ experiences that Constitutes my small life … Continue reading Cool Story