Sirkastiq: Just in case you don’t know, today is a very special day in history. No not because it’s World Wildlife day (where we celebrate ‘people’ like Terdoh)

Terdoh: Your ancestors are wildlife heroes

Sirkastiq: Don’t interrupt me nigga, I’m trying to share history with these wonderful people

Terdoh: You’re still an animal tho…

Sirkastiq: See, behaviour like this only buttresses my point. Anyway, I was saying…


Sirkastiq: Yo Dee, can you maybe put the phone down and take your selfies later? I’m trying to communicate here

Grey: *click click* I’m trying to get the best angle yo


Terdoh: I don’t know why you’re even bothering, Ellen has won at selfies.

Grey: Bradley Cooper you mean…

Terdoh: Well, Ellen tweeted it first and tagged it the Best Photo ever liveth

Grey: Ellen is a prophet

Terdoh: And she listens to Olamide

Grey: Brad gets no love.

Terdoh: Well…

Sirkastiq: Hellooooo, so I was telling you guys how today is a special day in history…

Grey: 2.6 million RTs and counting


Terdoh: YOOOOO!!! I was trying to find out what was special about the picture

Grey: I mean no cleavage, tongue, filters and none of them was looking at the floor the way our Nigerian girls do

Terdoh: Don’t hate, most of them are probably looking for their dignity…Or virginity

Grey: WHOA!!!

Sirkastiq: Can you two nitwits just allow me share with these people why today is…

Terdoh: Yo Dee, you heard DiCaprio didn’t win at the Oscars right?

Grey: Well, I saw that one coming

Terdoh: You did? How? I mean homeboy has been in more dope movies than niggas been in Rihanna’s nookie

Grey: WHOA!!!

Terdoh: Y’all just want Leo to win cos he ain’t never won nothing. The Oscars don’t work like that ma nigga

Grey: Maybe if Leo acted as some guy that has suffered then he’d be considered. He’s always the slave driver, rich guy, master. Humble yourself and you’ll be exalted.


Terdoh: Like that guy Lupita

Sirkastiq: Let me know when you guys want me to share why today is history…

Grey: LMAOOOO…You called Lupita a guy

Terdoh: Well, if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck and pouts, isn’t it a duck?

Grey: Well, these days, they’re also known as girls.

Terdoh: Our homeboy Chinwetel didn’t win shit too tho.

Grey: No surprise there, the Oscars are a one nigga award per edition show.

Terdoh: And Lupita already took the one for 2014

So um...cleave age?
So um…cleave age?

Grey: Oh yeah…So Tee, what’ve you been up to asides being a jerk on Rounds and on Twitter?

Terdoh: Taking pictures in the shadows.

Grey: So…selfies, cos you’re like N’yongo black.

Terdoh:That’s a new colour right?

Grey: Yeah. Niggas like “I like my women like I like my coffee. N’yongo.”

Sirkastiq: It’s not like I’m here waiting to…

Grey: Sometimes I wonder about your sanity.

Terdoh: Why do I think you’re talking to yourself?

Grey: We’re probably all the same person, and we’re all mad.

Terdoh: You mean you’re mad?

Grey: I mean, nobody has seen all three of us in the same place yeah?

Terdoh: Hmm….I guess you’re right. We’re probably the same person.

Grey: Aha! I knew it!!!

Terdoh: Knew what? That we’re the same? But if you didn’t know that, who would?

Sirkastiq: Carry on, I’ll just keep this history

Grey: I think Saks wants to say something

Terdoh: He does? Why didn’t he say something since? Smh. Such a nigga

Grey: I wonder as well, Like we’ve just been here being awesome but he didn’t say anything

Terdoh: Alright Saks, what’s on your mind?

Sirkastiq: You’ve got to be kidding me

Terdoh: Look son, we ain’t got all day. You either have something to say or you don’t.

Grey: Saks bout to lose his mind

Terdoh: Mind wey my guy don lose since.

Sirkastiq: *gasp* Well, here goes…

Grey: That’s how I was picking beans the other day and then something hit me

Terdoh: Oh my, bummer it wasn’t a car

Sirkastiq: FUCK YOU GUYS OK!!! FUCK YOU!!!

Grey & Terdoh: Oh my!

Sirkastiq: Ugh!! You know what, I’m just going to share this through writing cos y’all are such bums

Grey: So basically, you’re back to writing?

Terdoh: Whoop-de-doo, TSC is back?

Grey: This is history in the making!! We have never been back before and now on the 3rd day of March 2014, we just came back!!!

Terdoh: Guys, we are back!!! Hi-5 Dee my fellow history maker

Grey & Terdoh: Yo Saks, we just made history…Saks…Saks…


23 thoughts on “Banter

  1. Lmaooooooo!!!!!! Thank God u guys are back….i could have sworn at one point terdoh and saks were the same tho! But grey don add another twist to the matter…great work guys


  2. LMAO!
    This indeed is history in the making. Whoop! Welcome back guys.
    By the way, I’ve seen Saks and Tee in the same room before, so… Your theory doesn’t hold water.


  3. Welcome back guys. Thought you people were not coming back again, Whew!. So is it safe to assume that y’all didn’t jump on the Lupita bandwagon/hype. I thought I was the only one oo.


  4. Glad u guys are back ere, enjoy reading ur post on TNC but always tot u guys need an avenue to fully display d “weirds” dat y’al are And as a fellow mpd person I totally understand d need for it.


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