You Never Esperedit

Shocker huh?

Let’s just say “The Sarcastic Center” isn’t dead as you might have thought. Life happened and we all seemed to get caught up in the madness, with very little time to come on here. Funny thing is, Terdoh and I still kept doing our thing on TNC. Guess it has something to do with finding it easy to deliver when you’re not directly responsible. I don’t know jare.

However, what triggered this seeming revival is the consistent visits the blog seemed to be getting even when inactive. You guys still dropped comments and stuff and this served as a conscience jerker. How could we leave without saying goodbye? Quite wrong init? Anyway, I can’t exactly promise consistency and the kind of humor you’re used to. Truth is, I’ve realized the things I find funny these days are more subtle and this has reflected in my writing -I lean more towards wit. But yeah, I’ll definitely pop in here as often as time allows me to rant about stuff, like HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN LINDA’S HOUSE?!

That might have been motivation too. LOL

It’s good to be back.