Seize The Bloody Bae!!!

Hello guys, It’s been a pretty long time I’ve been here and like I said in the last post, it’s as a result of a myriad of factors. Unlike in time past, we want to ensure that we actually write stuff when there’s stuff to write about. That whole pressure of writing because we’re expected to cannot work abeg. Best to have quality than trash quantity. (I actually believe that one day, somebody will do a small pamphlet of these my gem quotes” “Best to have quality than trash quantity” – @Sirkastiq 2015 Today, I want to ‘talk’ about the … Continue reading Seize The Bloody Bae!!!

Single Pringles

Why hello there. It’s been a hot minute right? My apologies really. I’m even tired of making apologies but thing is I’ve been mad busy with life, work, avoiding getting arrested and/or beat up and organizing the “Letters To My Ex” series on TNC which was a massive success by the way. What?! You missed that? Shit. Catch up here. I wrote Letter number 5. So anyway, those letters successfully started off lots of conversations, responses and lots more. Some even craved the opportunity to respond and I couldn’t help but wonder what that’ll look like. So yeah, sooner than later … Continue reading Single Pringles

Turn Down for WHAT?!

I’m not even happy this morning. Like I can’t even take this thing again. It’s just downright annoying and so I’ve decided to come talk about It here with the hope that the specie to whom this behaviour is commonplace with can fix up. If you’ve ever loved a girl, then you’re probably familiar with heartbreak. The two are almost mutually inclusive as you cannot have one without the other. Note that I didn’t say “if you’re in a relationship” This is because these days, you don’t even have to be in a relationship to have your heart shattered into … Continue reading Turn Down for WHAT?!

Engine Oil Black

“Although we’ve come to the end of the road, still i can’t let you go…” Oh, Hi there guys, Today brings us to the close of the series which has run since Thursday last week. It has been a good run so far and we appreciate all of you for reading, the comments, feedback etc.  Let me step aside and allow you enjoy what real love looks like. PS: All characters are fictional and bear no semblance to real life people. Ladies and Gentlemen… @ColorMyCake ***** Today my lover & I went for a walk. It was very romantic. He … Continue reading Engine Oil Black

Carrot Orange

Welcome to the second post of the day. Yes, Posts shall be up TWICE daily. at Noon and 4pm, so keep abreast or just subscribe to get posts in your mail. Our next article is mostly a spoof of @Otoxic’s post on TNC which you can read here Our story basically tells of the struggles of a man with a queer tag or something like that.. Welcome ladies and Gentlemen… @MallamSawyerr ***** So you want to know about me. You want me to tell you about myself. Carrot Why would you name a child Carrot? Carrot o! As in the vegetable! … Continue reading Carrot Orange