Presidential Speech

          I don’t know who wrote this. Ehen! My Fellow Nigerians, I have read with deep surprise the reports on various matters affecting our nation. I have also been briefed by my aides on the uproar caused by these events. Let me assure you that I am fully aware of all that is going on. The truth is you people will not even allow somebody to rest. You actually think I left the comfort of my home in Bayelsa to come to Abuja and be daily bombarded with problems? Is that how you people were raised, … Continue reading Presidential Speech


Dear Mr President or any Government official reading this. This is a joke. I swear, none of this is true. It’s just a figment of the writer’s imagination. Please if for any reason you decide to seek out the person that wrote this and deal with him, His handle is @Terdoh and I really don’t know him. No, in fact, I have never heard of him. This article is strictly his doing. In fact, I had no hand in it. If you want his number and all other contact details, I shall gladly supply it just to show how patriotic … Continue reading DemoCrazy

Make Me Understand.

DEEEESCLAIMAAARGGHHHHHHHHOIIWVNFDNKVEISUBJVDX!!!!!!!!! That’s “Disclaimer” by the way. I love muslims yo! Many of my really close friends are staunch Muslims. And even though some of your brothers be fucking up shit in various parts of the country and the world, I want to believe y’all don’t all have the same mindset. Some o’ y’all cool as corpses. So, I have nothing against the Muslims. This is mostly jokes. You know, make dark of a light situation. Also, I was under the influence. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Matter of fact, I didn’t even write this shit! Take it … Continue reading Make Me Understand.