Yo! I’m really not so happy to be here (at work) typing this. See, I’d rather still be on my self-imposed workers holiday because I don’t understand how we get a one day holiday out of more than 200 working days. Anyway, it could be worse; like having to sing the coldstone song for about 200 days while doing work there as a waiter. So yeah, I’m still thankful for such little mercies. So um, Back to the matter, Our last post Diss-Course was some sort of creative Insult challenge where we basically asked that you guys come up with creative … Continue reading After-Math


Sirkastiq: Yo Cumical. What’s up? There hasn’t been anything on TSC in a decade. Cumical: Don’t look at me like it’s my fault. You haven’t given us anything. Sirkastiq: Such a buck passer. Anyway, I’ve been thinking … Grey: That’s dangerous. Sirkastiq: And I had this brilliant idea of a diss post. Cumical: You think because you thought of it, it’s brilliant right? Sirkastiq: Of course. Cumical: You make me sick. So what was the idea? Sirkastiq: Well, it is kinda easy. And interactive… Grey: We really don’t have all day Port Man. Cumical: Good one. So what’s the plan … Continue reading Diss-Course

Make Me Understand.

DEEEESCLAIMAAARGGHHHHHHHHOIIWVNFDNKVEISUBJVDX!!!!!!!!! That’s “Disclaimer” by the way. I love muslims yo! Many of my really close friends are staunch Muslims. And even though some of your brothers be fucking up shit in various parts of the country and the world, I want to believe y’all don’t all have the same mindset. Some o’ y’all cool as corpses. So, I have nothing against the Muslims. This is mostly jokes. You know, make dark of a light situation. Also, I was under the influence. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Matter of fact, I didn’t even write this shit! Take it … Continue reading Make Me Understand.