SenseAble 2

This was written on Keetkat’s blog in June 2011, a follow up on a post ‘SenseAble’ i did on mine.. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ *Knocks mic* Hello?! Anyone here?…Oh hi! I didn’t notice you were already on this page. Allow me introduce myself seeing as I’m the stranger in these parts. The name is @KevinWithanL. That’s pronounced Kevin with an ‘L’. I am honoured to have been invited by ‘kitkat’ to Guest blog on here…ok, ok, enough of the formal ish, that ain’t how I roll. Please bear with me as I get comfortable in my own style and delivery. Ok lets proceed, shall … Continue reading SenseAble 2

Awkward Dates…

This was written on @bulejr’s blog for his “Date days” series in 2011… —————————————————————– Today let’s get a little humour as we look at what happens when a date goes horribly wrong for a guy. Enjoy. The perfect date. What the hell is a perfect date? I think 1/1/11 will qualify. No? My bad. I was approached by @bule_jr and given a rundown on his desire to put up a series of posts on what constitutes a perfect date and how it plays out. Unfortunately for you dear reader and me the pathetic writer, I have had very few dates … Continue reading Awkward Dates…

Originally posted on My Scroll…You Scroll…:
This post is very impromptu, disorganised and is the result of the demand from the people for a post (Now I know How Moses felt when they asked for water) *sigh* Its common knowledge that the most ignored part of most negotiations is the ‘Terms of Agreements’ especially if its almost 10 pages long (which is mostly the case). Many partnerships have failed, businesses have crashed and people have felt cheated all because they didn’t have the patience to read through 10 paged small print of legal jargon. Who can blame them though?… Continue reading

Originally posted on My Scroll…You Scroll…:
*intro music plays* “The Lazy Song”…writer waltzes to center of stage and perfectly choreographs the pelvic region bumping sequence, audience goes nuts! (Pun intended), all scream, some faint, others die, some throw items of inner clothing, writer dodges a measly boxer, WTF?! *Applause Applause* Goodevening Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to your favorite TV programme: “The KevD show” My name is Kevin With an ‘L’ and I shall be your host as usual…So I discovered that I’ve been writing about lots of relationship stuff of recent. This has caused me to question my… Continue reading