Late Sadiq’s 30 Rules

In the year 1960, my great-grand father, Sadiq (nicknamed “Sir Dick” for his lengthy penis) wrote down a few guidelines for the future Nigerian (male) youths with the hope of sneaking it into the constitution. Sadly, it was rejected and called “a huge waste of time”. Sadiq is dead but I, El-Farooq shall carry on his legacy and share his rules with you with the hope that lives will be touched. [don’t ask how he knew about stuff like FIFA games & selfies back in 1960, just umm…play along]. Ladies, you can read this too & set your man straight: … Continue reading Late Sadiq’s 30 Rules


SO! Arghmaigerd you gois! Arghmaigerd! :’) Okay okay… *wipes tears* You’re a real nigga Terdoh. You can’t be doing this in public. Okay okay okay… So last night, all three members of the TSC admin were in an executive meeting, waiting for the awards to be announced. *slow drumroll* Robert Downey Jnr. in the Iron Man suit stares at camera. “Ladies and Gentlemen, boys, and men with tits, I have in my hands the winner to this year’s Most Humorous blog for the Nigerian Blog awards.” *Everyone waits with bated breath*  Well not really. We were all almost falling asleep. … Continue reading Gracias

Short Story day

So, it’s International day for short stories and of course we at TSC can’t carry last. Staying true with jokes and humor tho, I shall hereby write a short story. It’s one of my favorites and based on true happenings. Read and enjoy.. —————————————————————- It was the year 2012, in the land of Nigeria where good leaders existed… The end. Continue reading Short Story day

How not to…

Yo! *throws gangster signs* actually, it’s really the peace sign upside down, yeah you know, the ‘n’ sign. it means “whats up my nigga?” What? it is what i say it is. Dont come all up on TSC and be questioning my authority. who the hell do you think you are? *calms down* Anyway, like i said, it’s a month of guest features, Today, i introduce a new category. Sha read it and you’ll understand it. i don’t have time to explain anything. Let’s give a sarcastic welcome to @Salliness ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– I saw a tweet from one of my most … Continue reading How not to…