Rant Six (Double)

Hey guys, Yeah, the “AARRGGHH” section took a back seat for a while because we needed to ensure that the blog maintained it’s diverse content . It was generally beginning to feel like a ‘drop your complaints’ here venue. We don’t despise that because that was our goal, however too much of something can be bad. But we’re back now… Applause? Smile? Ah well, straight to it, Today’s rant is yet by another anonymous sender. You guys are really chicken yeah? But it’s all good, do enjoy and I’ll see you on the flip side Oh wait… There’s two rants … Continue reading Rant Six (Double)

Double Rant

Hi guys, This is TSC (where life is too serious to be taken seriously), death on the other hand can be quite a serious issue. I really wanted to write something special for a friend I lost over the week but I couldn’t bring myself to. Maybe a rant about death will be my AARRGGHH post eventually. However my guys Tokunbo (@0toxic) and Wole (@AlchemistXIII) dld a great job with their tributes. Read them here and here. Rest In Peace dear Modurodoluwa Ige. I really will miss you. ********* Today on AARRGGHH, we have a double package for you guys to savor. … Continue reading Double Rant

Rant Five

Hi Guys, Grey here. It’s been one helluva week for us and we’ve been up to a lotta writing. Not here though, I featured on TNC’s “Sins Of The Fathers” series here and so did Sirkastiq here Cumical has been on a break from his usual rounds but he’ll be back this weekend. So if you missed any of our posts, be sure to catch up Yes So we all have those particular bitch baby bundles and untidy bales of straw life keeps piling on our metaphorical camels’ backs. Until that moment when life adds that ONE strand of straw. And your … Continue reading Rant Five

Rant Four

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the Sarcastic Corner where we do all the inappropriate shit we do because we can dammit. That’s not really the slogan but it works so I’m gonna stick with it. Today, on AARRGGHH™ (you gotta say that shit with phlegm) we have a dude who goes by…you know what? I’ll just let him speak. First of all (don’t do that, please don’t say it…you just had to you bleepi…ah whatever) I want to scream about the Lagos traffic. It is straight from the deepest and hottest part of hell. Especially the kind … Continue reading Rant Four

Rant Three

The thing about ranting is that everyone has something to complain about. For some, it’s sex, for others it’s PHCN and so forth. Our goal is to be the therapeutic outlet for your bottled up emotions. We hope we’re succeeding at that. Meanwhile, if you’re going to be bringing your sex complaints all the time, we might just have to re-direct you to Dr Phil. Our e-mail is flooded with so much sex complaints that we wonder when you guys find time to do other things. How about you stop having sex and start doing productive things like…read books or, … Continue reading Rant Three

Rant Two

Hi. It’s Friday. What? What do you mean “and so?” Do you not know that Friday means get excited and do shit because the weekend is here where you get to do more shit till you remember Monday is just some hours away and you feel like shit? Anyway, It’s Friday and we shall continue with our AARRGGHH section. Don’t worry, by the time we have enough posts, we’ll probably pick official days dedicated to this section. However, for now..bear with us. So yes, Today on AARRGGHH, we have another  ranter sharing on something close to her heart. Ladies and … Continue reading Rant Two

Rant One.

Yo! Yo ! Yo! Sometimes it gets tiring welcoming you guys here because it just gets tiring. This isn’t ROUNDS where @Cumical and I can easily just converse and get an introduction off, Here i have to engage my mind in some sort of “come up with an introduction” routine and that my friend, is not easy. Anyway, today, we launch our new section “AARRGGHH” For those of you who just returned from the Isle of cluelessness, AARRGGHH is our rant section where we give you guys the freedom to ‘speak’ on any matter(s) as you deem fit. Of course,there … Continue reading Rant One.


Listening to “No Love” by Eminem and Lil Wayne is not helping my present mood at all. Can you tell that I’m pissed? I doubt it. CAN YOU TELL NOW???!!!! Well yeah, whatever. I’ve discovered that i write my most heart felt pieces when i’m angry, in pain or that sorta shit. I started this post off with a desire to embark on one of my usual rants on how much I hate bla bla bla but somehow, i deleted that all off as i figured you guys are probably tired of all that. Besides, I have twitter accounts dedicated … Continue reading AARRGGHH!!!