Episode 3

2-Jun-2012 Being a super hero is not all it’s jazzed out to be. Sometimes it’s a real pain in the ass. Especially when you have a superhero boyfriend who is equally as strong as you. Sometimes I pity Aquaman. But sometimes I think he likes the pounding, cos Supes doesn’t get tired. As long as he’s getting rays from the sun, he can go on forever. And Aqua just needs water. He and Aquaman have this island in the middle of the Atlantic that no one has discovered yet. Plenty of sunshine and plenty of water. So nobody’s power ever … Continue reading Episode 3

Episode 2

1-June-2012 THE GREEN LANTERN COMES OUT AS BRAVE, MIGHTY, AND GAY. The newspaper headlines are agog with the news of my sexuality. The fanmail from the regular people has dropped considerately. And have been replaced with a lot of death threats, (really, like they could take me on my worst day) a few broken hearted messages, some encouragements from the gay community, and a whole lot of admiration from a Chyke person, a certain @Monsieur_RJ on twitter who has consistently spammed my mail box with messages of how much he admires me a lot more now that I came out … Continue reading Episode 2

Episode 1

31-May-2012 It’s been 72 years…72 goddamn sweaty years since we were created. We’ve been cooped up in this closet, and the rest of the Green Lantern squad, Superman, Batman, and the Boy Wonder (so called for his amazing blowjob skills), Aquaman, Hawkman, that sexy, flexy ass Flash, and Yours Truly have been in dire need to come out the closet and just be free goddammit! Frankly, it was getting really hot in here, the orgies were intense. There was Superman jerking Aquaman off, the entire GL squad engaged in an 8-some, Batman holding Robin’s head tightly, and Flash had me … Continue reading Episode 1


Basically mortals, we’re halfway done with the series yeah? *Hi-fives my lonely self* The Chronicles of Awesomeness section is over, as you might have noticed, and you guys have been so supportive. I really want to appreciate every nutcase who took time out to write for me. I appreciate that shit. Don’t worry, all the props that need to be given will be given in the concluding post. If we ever get there.. We’re close anyway. So… Yeah, Ladies and men, felines and fellas, since we are done with that, it’s time for us to move on to more important … Continue reading Introduction