Mans not hot!

Da ting go skkkrrraaa pa pa kakaka

skiviki popop and a poopoo-turr-BOOM

SKYYYA, tutukukutoontoom, poom poom


You clearly dun know. But guess what? I’m here to help you know.

I’ll be actually surprised if you’re reading this and you haven’t heard of my mans Roadman Shaq aka MC Quakes from way back Souf landan, you get me?

Mans got in the booth and brought da faya for all mandem n that


WATCH it here

On this post, I intend to just pay homage to a brilliant work of art. Some of you don’t understand the amount of hours, the depth of lyrical dexterity and unbridled flow of poetic finesse that Roadman Shaq blessed us with. But fear not, I’m here to help you understand.


I’ve heard so many people tag this piece of literary genius as a fluke but you see, this wave of musical genre-ism didn’t just commence today. It started way back in the days of a self acclaimed MC miggidy, shigiddy mack popularly known as Eedris. Back then, Eedris was spitting but you people wanted to have his head. Talmabout “he don’t have lyrics. He’s chatting shit” Smh

Shank also tried to tell us how “the ting go” but couldn’t catch our attention.

Fast forward years later and Yin Yang twins gave us an entire whispered song. You people gave them stress and they finally lost their voice and went extinct from there.

Braving the odds, Ryan Leslie came and gave us an entire song in gibberish  Some of you sha forced lyrics to enter the thing, but as far as I’m concerned, he was chatting breeze.

Then came a brand of music that involved only exclamations, object and animal sounds, pioneered by migos and the likes. I mean their songs have ‘words’ like skrrrrr, grrrrr and zooooom (car speeding off sound). They also came with that repeat guy that repeats the last word of every line, you know in case you missed it. I call him the ICYMI man. I mean, DMX tried to get on that barking shit but his voice cracked and Davido took his shine. Then young M.A confused us all with “ooouuu” Not sure which was more confusing – the spelling of the track name or trying to decipher if young was a ma or a mr. Again the ICYMI man featured and had become a regular in music as we know it,

So with all these niggas making a fortune off this brand of shit, the stage was set for the final reveal.

Enter Roadman Shaq.


Mans treaded where previous mans feared to tread. Armed with a vocabulary repertoire that efficiently murders any right grammatical construction, shaq has set the bar higher than his namesake could in his prime.

So when the “Mans Not Hot” track dropped, I saw a culmination of years of study. I saw the manifestation of careful observation. You see a 20 second funny clip, I see scientific application of history. Even the lyrics are so deep! maigherd!

Da ting go skkkrrraaa pa pa kakaka:  The answer is finally here, mans is trying to let us all into his journey so far, sharing his inner struggles, the curve balls life threw his way.  “papakakaka” signifies the commotion of his childhood, an insight to the ghetto life represented by the staccato sound of a machine gun and the dangers around

skiviki popop and a poopoo-turr-BOOM: Here, shaq shares how he got to an excited stage of life and then all of a sudden, it all pops and goes to shit, faced with police molestation and intimidation, and like is common with such experiences, he comes crashing down

SKYYYA, tutukukutoontoom, poom poom: refusing to stay down, our mans fires himself up with a battle cry, and reaffirms his knowledge of self, he digs down deep, rediscovers himself and gets himself a babe. fucks around a bit and then realizes his peace is in his woman.


Now you know.



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