The story of Chyna


Not sure what that “LOL” is doing there, considering the fact that I’m not laughing, or out loud for that matter. Just seemed like a good ice-breaker.

Having fun with the series so far?

Enjoying the scum stories we’ve shared?

You’re probably more convinced than ever that men really are scum, and yes, we agree! However, the fun part in all of this, isn’t to bash anyone further, but to really just show that we all, yes, you, me, it and WTF need to all do better.

Not excusing the natural scummery of some or the reciprocated scumliness of others, we ALL have a role to play to be and do better. And we have these case studies to enlighten us.


Meet Angela Renée White, born on May 11, 1988 in Washington, D.C.

A former pole girl, video vixen, sometimes model (probably not role) and often entrepreneur.

Popularly known as Blac Chyna

Popularly known for Tyga, Kim Kardashian, Future, Kylie Jenner, P.J Tucker, Amber Rose, Rob Kardashian, Lamar Odom.


The Tiger nuts

Sometime in the year of our lord 2011, a certain rapper, Tyga shot a video for his new single “rack city” Present at this shoot was a vixen blessed with a rack (popularly called Blac Chyna)/ Months after the video, the rack city rapper and the rack owner thought it a good idea to hook up, and rack up their body count. A relationship ensued and in 2012, they welcomed a baby to the world.

A month after the birth of the baby, the couple decided to get engaged.

The relationship lasted a while until rumors started to fly about this rapper guy being interested in Kylie Jenner (aka one of the Kardashians)

Men are scum.

What the future held

Chyna moved on in 2014, deciding to focus on her future. She started with her eyelash business and seemed to be budding as an entrepreneur. The rumor mill got buzzing again, this time about her relationship with rapper “Future” – she even got his name tatted on her hand. But then, Mr Future unsure where this relationship was going, felt the need to dispel the rumors, he tweeted

“Single & focusing on what makes me happy…U kno I dnt fuck wit no rumors.”

He clearly also don’t fuck with being sensible

This left Chyna in a situation of “Tha fuck?!” so she decided to focus on her present and leave him in the past.

She also got the future removed from her hand.

Men are scum.

Robbing it In

After a short snapchat, IG fiasco rlationship with basketballer P.J Tucker, the situationship between Tyga and Kylie became real life shit. They were everywhere, all the time, loving up and shit. It seemed like Tyga had got tutelage from R.Kelly because it didn’t matter that Kylie was under-aged at the time. I mean, how do you leave Chyna’s ass to be with a girl with no ass (at the time)

Chyna wasn’t having it.

Don’t forget also that around the same time, Chyna’s pal Amber Rose got separated from her boo Kanye West who went ahead to date and marry Kim Kardashian (Kylie’s sister)

Dear reader, we believe this was the time stamp period when shit hit the fan

Chyna probably like “These Kardashians think they can just fuck around and steal our men, hell naaaaw, I’m bout to snag me one of ’em as well”

So it happened that in 2016, Angela White commenced dating the brother of her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend.

I’ll let that marinate.

Marinated? ok, let’s continue.

We reached out to a professional to give us a picture of what this family tree looked like..


So Chyna got herself a Kardashian and seemed to have got what she wanted. Tyga couldn’t stand the relationship, and all the Kardashians frowned at it, you think Chyna cared? Hell no! Her fame grew, as did her bank accounts. She got her own reality show and was flourishing at this baby girl life.

But then March came and Robyna broke up.

However homie couldn’t live without her (Ugh! should’ve got out while he had the cheap option), so he got her back. and they got engaged on April 4, 2016. On May 6, 2016, they announced Chyna was pregnant!

Around this time, Chyna attempted to trademark the name Angela Renee Kardashian (since she’s about to become one. HAHAHA) but Kim, Khloe and ko had their lawyers fight it…and they won. I mean, it seemed like Chyna was doing all possible to enjoy the benefits that comes with being a Kardashian but heyyy, she lost that battle.

In November, Chyna gave birth to dream and then the fairy tale came to an end.

According to Rob, once Dream was born, Chyna moved on with life, resumed her partying and had numerous guys laying the pipe. She was focused on getting her body back in shape (Rob claimed to have paid thousands of dollars to fix it), abandoned dream with him and generally did not give a fuck.

Women are scum.

And then Rob, in such overwhelming fuckboy glory proceeded to spill…

Ranting about her relationships with other men, he wrote on social media: “She couldn’t remain loyal and cheated and fucked way too many people and she got caught and now this is all happening and it’s sad.”

Didn’t stop there; he posted nude photos of his former partner and stated that she only used him as a ladder to fame and fortune.

He. posted. her. nudes.

Men are scum.

After she had sent him a video where she was in bed with some other dude.

Women are scum.

Then Instagram deleted the photos because they violated the platform’s policy, but Robert went on twitter and re-posted the shits.

Men are scum.

Now, you probably started this post expecting the focus to be on how Chyna is scum. Well, that might be so, but in the end, both parties and their history brought out the scum residing in them.

See where I’m going? You might be all saint now (look out Mr. West), and your white is sparkling, but let the wrong person cross you, and you’d likely release all your inner scummery. Remember your hoe days, your savage life? you don’t think you were scum to anyone? LOL. It’s in there somewhere.

Men o! Women o! We all have to do better, yes, probably more for the men because society allows us get away with lots of shit. We must learn that it takes nothing to be a better person, So when you see the “men are scum” statements, it’s not the time to defend yourself and say “well, not all of us” Just leave it for the owner to see it. There’s one or two scumbags out there that need to be reminded, and they could have a penis or vagina.

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