We are all scum (yes, you too) but some are scummier.

Hello everyone who hasn’t been offended yet today by something they read on the internet,

I’m about to attend to you.

Be patient.

Look, if you go around asking the right questions you’ll discover that men o, women o, animals o… Everybody is Scum. It’s just that some are way, way scummer (wait, should that be scummier? Scummlier?) than others.

What I’m saying in essence is  — all of us on Earth have the potential to do the shadiest, most deceptive, unimaginable shit to other living things. I think it’s part of our complex defensive mechanisms even. It’s just that most of us are guided by the basic need to be decent individuals  rather than allow ourselves be full time scum.

You don’t believe me? You think only men are scum? Oh well then, let’s break it the fuck down with some proof.

– We have some intensive Biblical grade scummery that went on in the old testament before the coming of our lord JC. Oh where do I begin?

I mean,
– someone used sex and lies and deception and lightskinned evil powers to cut someone’s hair to steal his power,
– someone slept with her own father out of spite
– someone stole someone’s birthright with porridge. PORRIDGE O. Just like that. (just imagine)
– someone killed all the babies in an entire nation.
– someone got mocked by children for his bald head and fed them all to wild animals.
– someone wanted someone’s wife because he saw her once bathing on a rooftop. Once o. And he killed the husband.
– Someone stole someone’s baby in the middle of the night and claimed it as her own.
– And someone put all of us in trouble by listening to Snake.
And that’s JUST from the old testament.

Someone in Nigeria reached out and simply TOOK 153.3 million dollars from the Government’s coffers. She just took it.




A Musician in America paid someone to not tell the world that he gave her Herpes. He wanted her to…

… Let it burn 🔥

Another person from Chyna America had a baby allegedly out of spite to get back at her other baby daddy.

By the way, Rose from Titanic is scum too. She did Jack so dirty.


It’s people like Rose that you’ll meet at the back of ATM queue fighting for space shouting “it’s my space, I came here first.” Smh

Don’t let me go too far though…  but you know what it means to do someone dirty? I think by definition (and on principle) someone being scum is when someone does someone else supremely dirty or when you’re just incredibly badly behaved while interacting with other living things.

I’m just saying everyone you know in this life has one scummy af story they have about themselves. EVERYBODY.

Whether someone beat you in secondary school, or you beat somebody, or you lied to save yourself instead of going down with the others, or someone lied to you that in their own days they took first all the time in school, or someone wanted this from you and pretended to be that in order to get it, or you wanted those,  so you acted like you felt that (when you really didn’t), or you played with someone’s blood pressure at any point, or you insulted someone’s life while driving—

You, he, she, it, me, we, us, they, them, emi, iwo, àwon, eyin, moi, tu, vous, il, elle, nous, Ì, ò, anyi, ha,   ni, ka/ki, ya, ta, kun, mun, ALL OF US—

images (3).jpg

— have (at some point or the other) been a little bit scummy. The ultimate  purpose of this post is to make you remove your nose from way up in the sky there with your judgmental proclamations of which demographic you feel is Scum, — remove the scumliness that’s in your own eyes first, and  understand that you need to consciously and consistently keep making sure that you strike a balance between allowing yourself be scum, AND being a decent fucking human being, always.  Educate others, but also be the change you would love to see in the world.

So yeah. I’m done. Tell me… what is the scumlingest thing you’ve ever done, or witnessed that made even you – a holy ghost like you feel like screaming, “Oh my God, stop being so scummy!”

Let’s hear them below.

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