Scum Closer – (An Introduction)


“Men are scum!” “Men are scum!!” “Men are scum!!!”

It has become a reflex anthem – the automatic response to issues that question the behavior of men.

Daily, the menfolk awaken to the sound of this chant; it’s an expected melody, an all too familiar classic.

The evidence is glaring, incriminating.

YOU ARE GUILTY!!! Judged before defense.

The empty can of Titus looks up in solemn gaze

“But why did Tunde use the three sardine?” Did anyone bother to ask?

Oh no! How can he not know that consuming the trifecta aquatic delicacy would put his beloved Sumbo in a state of disma-bisma?

A classic higi-hagatic conundrum that triggered her to pour her heart out to Laide

These women. They cry.

Everyday, they cry.

Like ModeNine’s single, they cry.

But unlike Modenine’s single, most aren’t single.

Nine out of ten times, they aren’t.


But are men the only exhibitors of this phenomenon?

Is the masculine specie the only being capable of demonstrating scummery?

Journey with us, not into sound, but into a series…

Seeking to reveal to you the inner realities of scum..

Its nature. Its manifestations.

Its champions. Its warriors.

The conclusions are yours to draw.


The conclusions are yours to draw.

Men are scum.

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