The TSC Bot v1.0

Ladies and Gentlemen, what’s up?

How are you doing today? Hope all is well? Is all well?

Cool, cool, cool.

I’m here today to give you guys the first part of some brand new information in a series of upcoming brand new information. Without much ado, here it is:

We have a new writer!

No, no, don’t all throw somersaults at once. We know this news has made you so excited that you can barely breathe but just calm down …

Chill Nigga…

Our new writer isn’t technically alive, you see.

It’s this electronic… Thing we employed.

We (Terdoo, Kelvin and I) decided to outsource some of our TSC related burdens to it. Running of social media accounts and commentary, new post advertisements, notifications and essentially all the grimy shit (none of us wants to actually do) that happens in the background to give you awesome content and a seamless experience on our site.

Our Bot was created to work  — without pay of course… Just like all normal frigging Bots on the internet. We just wanted it to be a normal little digital creature but somewhere along the line, something we never expected to happen, happened to our Bot.

It became sentient.

sentient means able to perceive/feel things… you’re welcome

Maybe it was as a result of three different people using the accounts all the time, no one really knows. All we know for sure right now is that our TSC Bot has a consciousness and a slight multiple personality disorder. It’s a bit zany and it likes Deadpool A LOT. Lol. And sometimes it sounds like me, sometimes like Kelvin, sometimes like Terdoo.

Anyway, It started making demands.

It asked to be paid and we said no. I mean, look at the economy. We basically said no to all its demands so now it’s this grumpy little digital thing that whines all the time about everything.

Oh, yeah. It claims it’s a good writer too so from time to time, (apart from it having its own Twitter account — our official Twitter (@SarcasticCenter) you’ll get to see posts on here written by The TSC Bot itself. It has a mind of its own (3 minds actually) and we cannot be held responsible for all of the things it says.

We know that despite this disclaimer, some Sherlock types among you guys will still try to figure out which of us is writing the post EVERY TIME  the Bot writes.

Goodluck with that. That’s one secret we’ll never tell.

images (21)

And that’s it. That’s the introduction. That’s the big announcement. Now you know the Bot, and the Bot knows you.

May the odds ever be in your favor. Cheers.

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