Where were we…

Good question. If that’s a question.

We were where we were

Best answer. if that was a question

We really don’t need to do a “we are back” post because look what happened the last time we did one.

So we figure it’s best you just see us and take us as we are.

Not like we went anywhere, abandoned the blog or forgot the password, we  just unknowingly, without consultation albeit synchronically just decided to lay low for a while (yeah, that’s what it is).

…and do some reconstruction

Right now though, we’ve got some good stuff to serve you and as a result, we resurface.

It is what it is and that’s what it is.

So ummm…we can get on with it, yes?


Oh! we have a new logo by the way.

and our twitter handle is now @SarcasticCenter

and the site has something of a retouch

There’s more fun stuff as we go along

It’s TSC baby!

Thesarcasticcenter3 (1)

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