A few of my favourite things

“… Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens     

Brown paper packages tied up with strings… “

Don’t nobody care about no gotdamn bright kettles. Maria play too much

Everyone has the right to like anything regardless of how zany and Batshit loopy it makes them seem. It’s the exercising of your rights to keep most of these things you like, boxed up in a locked chest, then sealed inside a locked vault, and forgotten inside the unreachable recesses in your minds that keeps most of you on this side of prison bars and/or out of straitjackets. But thankfully, I’m not weird like you guys. So I can and will proceed to share a few of my favourite things with you guys.

1. Old adverts.


Everyone loves old Ads. Everyone. Even if you don’t have a TV…or a radio…or a newspaper…or noisy neighbors with any of these things.

2. Being lost in music I mean, picture you’re at your girlfriend’s crib meeting her parents for the first time and then Davido’s “Dami Duro” comes on and My God! You don’t know when you start beating your air drum. Listen, the things music can do to you. I would write a song eulogising this but i’ll get so lost in it that I probably will never complete it image 2. Fridays.  (editor’s note: TheGreyGenesis can’t count) Man, I love Fridays. Especially when it is one of those weeks that seems like the universe paid the office to assasinate you when you came in on Monday. But then, you somehow pull through with your psyche threatening at every other turn to splinter. Then just like that, you realise it’s Thursday. And you’ve almost closed…


3. When your Barber shapes you up just right.


Barber so elite, shape up so deluxe. You guys may not quite understand how important barbers are. After mothers and babes, barbers are the only other humans that can turn our heads. pun intended. You never really appreciate your barber until you turn up at work/school on a Monday and people start looking at you like you just crawled out of Jim Iyke’s left nostril. LOL..Make your barber give you wrong cut one time, baba, no one would advice you to cease further dealings. But sonnnn, when they get that trim nice and friction your hair like you can use it to slice onions, then you understand why Solomon hosted the queen of Sheba. (Please don’t try to understand this)

4. Attractive people. Saks and Terdoh, skip this.

5. Girls in Jalabia. Yeah, I’ve always been curious. What is the right way to say that? Is it Jalabia, JalaMIA, or JalaPIA? What language does this word stem from? Is it okay to utilise any of the pronunciations like the way we pronounce that thing as /Boli/ and /Bole/ depending on where we are at the moment? (even though we all know the right pronunciation is /Boli/) But look ladies, all fingers are not equal, if you can’t afford a Maxi dress, who said you must languish in despair? Arise from the ashes oh maiden, arise and proceed to thine nearest Mallam, arriveth there and purchase for thineself a frock of northern heritage, purchase fair maiden, a Jalabia to cover up thine nakedness. even though we really don’t mind 

6. Harmattan. This is actually my favorite season here. Everything is so hot and cold at the same time, and hazy then clear, then dry, then moist. Bipolar season. What’s not to love?


Harmattan is cruel to some people though. LMAO! You’ll see some people looking so darned ashy. As if they mixed semovita in their lotions.

Lips looking like shed snakeskin

7. Pringles. For me, Pringles are to movies, what egusi is to Eba. What Agege bread is to Ewa Agoyin. What… Yeah, you get the point.


8. The smell of rain before it falls. This is an actual scientifically researched phenomenon. And it has an English name.  It’s called “Petrichor”. You’re welcome.

9. Dope punchlines in movies. 

Trinity: Dodge this.

10. Those Comebacks that leave the recipient like…


Passersby are left in shock

11. New Money. Yo. You know those freaks who adore the smell, feel, sight of (and have probably tasted) clean, new, mint money? I may or may not be one of them. I get attached to the appearance of clean money and end up not wanting to spend it.

Just want to tie it to a necklace and wear it to work


So there you have it guys. My random list of random things I like. Do you also have a list of things you like that you know you’ll never say out loud because you don’t want to be lynched or labelled as a witch? Comment with your list. We promise we won’t immediately report you to the police. 🙂

Grey Out

26 thoughts on “A few of my favourite things

  1. I love the smell of old books.
    I love the smell of dawns.
    I love Fox’s chocolate coconut cookies.
    I love guys in very nice blue jeans and dope Tees.


  2. I absolutely love the smell of rain before it falls. Makes me want to sniff and/or eat sand.
    Love eating raw tomatoes.
    Love sniffing new books.
    Love skinny girls with big boobs.
    Love walking naked.
    Love splattering baby talcum powder on my face and neck when I’m not going anywhere.


  3. I absolutely love the smell of rain before it falls…learnt a new one Petrichor. Thanks.
    Love the smell of mornings before the sun and everyone else is up.
    Love reading while on the toilet seat.
    Love the smell of new books and old books both.
    Love walking around naked.
    Love looking at my image in the mirror while I talk.


  4. LOOOOOOOOL! I won’t even lie, I cackled

    Some of my favorite things.

    Bald dolls.

    Crotcheting baby blankets (read as gossiping) with my mother’s elder sisters.

    Tori Amos finding new metaphors for her vagina (and sleeping with Neil Gaiman before Amanda Palmer)

    Amanda Palmer singing about being a 17 year old blow job queen (and still marrying Neil Gaiman instead of all thirsty fans)

    More bald dolls.


  5. ~I love nasco cornflakes
    ~ visiting new places / countries
    ~ M&S cookies ^_^
    ~ loooove music (even when I’m upset, I’m most likely singing in my head)


  6. I love the smell of freshly cut grass…by d way its a scent they emit when in distress
    I love the smell of soup/food on fire
    I definitely love “petrichor”
    Etc………thx grey for letting us bring this out


  7. @bdojuri Girlllll, what uncanny coincidence is this? I had to read twice cos I’m like huh? When did I comment under another name?
    I don’t think I like looking at my mouth when im talking tho. I’d be inclined to stuff something in it. -_-


  8. Great lists all round, high five?! Love the sound of music btw.

    Hmm favorite things, a good make out session, great food, drinks, convo and company, getting hooked on a tv show all day and nepa or the inverter doesnt mess up, when a girl lets out a moan of pleasure that she was trying to stiffle to let me know i m doing something right, when I last the sufficient amount of time to pleasure women ( greater than 1 minute and I start making acceptance speeches), when I can drink and party with reckless abandon and not think of driving home or the security situation, did I mention alcohol, Suya and Shawarma?, movies that make me laugh, think, inspire me or just a good ol action feem, having lots of money or money not being a problem, lazy weekends with no responsibilities at all, when I cook something experimental or make a cocktail and it tastes good, traveling, relationships without drama, writing deep or funny shit.

    To cut this gospel according to farouk short, I have a lot of favorite things and in general my favorite things is life


  9. I love being lost in music…
    I love the smell of rain before it falls
    I love sleeping naked
    I love kissing X_X
    I love painting my nails though waiting for them to dry isn’t child’s play
    I love singing
    I love being happy
    I love keeping cards (birthday, etc)
    I love shawarma and small chops (Yes! i’m a foodie)
    I love drinking water (It is sweet. Yes, sweet)
    These and many more are my favorite things in this life.


  10. And I also love zDARK chocolate, pringles, old/classical movies and music, math, books, fire and watching things burn, burnt food (esp beans), etc etc


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