And It Came To Pass…

That Solomon was epic. And God said “dude. What do you want?” And Solomon didn’t ask for money, clothes or hoes. He asked for common sense. And Premium Common Sense™ was granted to him. And two women came to argue over whose child it was. But Solomon had seen this episode of Desperate Housewives before, so he solved that shit with ease. And Solomon married like 300 hunned hoes. And Fela was like “damn”. And it was nothing. Cos Solomon wasn’t satisfied with having a different box every day cos that leaves out 65 days. So Solomon had like 700 … Continue reading And It Came To Pass…

Ride or Die?

Hey y’all. Y’all staying alive? Breathing easy? Doing Good #NoMegan. Fine. As part of our desire to constantly churn out material that helps soothe you guys, we have decided to add another feather to the TSC cap. Well, it goes without saying that we’re the best when it comes to humor in Nigeria, Let’s not brag about our 3 recognition awards but yeah. No one comes close. What we want to do at TSC is to build a community of writers who have their head screwed deep in humor, Guys who can deliver funny stuff without even trying, people who … Continue reading Ride or Die?


Started from the bottom now we’re where? The other day, I was surfing my Instagram page, doing my best not to be led down the path of hell by the images these women so happily post. Yes, I don’t know how they appeared on my feed. No, I didn’t follow them. Yes, you’re stupid for asking this question in your mind. So while I was there looking for pictures to like; seeing as I’m a nice guy like that, I came across a trend. This nigga Don Jazzy (who I didn’t follow because he shared random credit one time) was … Continue reading Surulere


Sirkastiq: Just in case you don’t know, today is a very special day in history. No not because it’s World Wildlife day (where we celebrate ‘people’ like Terdoh) Terdoh: Your ancestors are wildlife heroes Sirkastiq: Don’t interrupt me nigga, I’m trying to share history with these wonderful people Terdoh: You’re still an animal tho… Sirkastiq: See, behaviour like this only buttresses my point. Anyway, I was saying… *click* Sirkastiq: Yo Dee, can you maybe put the phone down and take your selfies later? I’m trying to communicate here Grey: *click click* I’m trying to get the best angle yo Terdoh: … Continue reading Banter