What’s Your Flavour?

Hey guys,

I know at this rate you’re probably wondering what is going on with TSC and why posts are few and far between? Have these niggas lost their touch, Have they broken or lost their funny bone? Truth is, nah we haven’t lost our touch; matter of fact, we have been involved in so much charitable ventures of recent, we’ve been getting touching responses.

That wasn’t funny?

Ok maybe we’ve lost that bone.

Maintaining a funny streak isn’t easy tho but for real, life has just happened to us and we’ve seen our schedules overtaken by the rigors of the corporate world and the rat race it involves but seeing as we are loyal and all that, we STILL have so much in store for you.

Today, I shall be touching a rather sensitive topic. I’m not exactly sure if this topic is one that has lots of sense but it is what it is and a man has gotta do what a man has gotta do. So, have you ever wondered what kinda girl you want to be with when you eventually decide to settle? A lot of us are quick to say we want the homely, good looking, freak in the sheets kinda girl (in no particular order) while some of us want the bad girl (Rihanna-esque in nature) Whatever your desires are, there are basically four types of girls in this world and it is my corporate social responsibility to introduce you to them or them to you…whatever.

Oh of course, it’s soccer season (In your face BBA fans) so I shall be relating these women to what we know in the English Premier League as the “Top Four” Ladies and Gentlemen, say hello to the Manchester United babe, The Manchester City babe, The Chelsea babe and The Arsenal babe. The lesson starts now.

The Manchester United Babes: images (26)

As is evident with the club they represent, girls in this category are used to having things go their way. They are basically winners at life and have had quite a hitch free upbringing. These girls are often very beautiful and classy. Most of them have had a wonderful dating history with some top notch guys and as such expect to date other quality guys. If your girl is a Manchester United fan, chances are that she expects you to be on top of situations and very competitive. The Manchester United girls do not accept losing as an option which is why they likely won’t date you if you’re a ‘nobody’ No don’t get me wrong, they can decide to engage you in one or two dates but if/when they see that you’re not up to par, they bounce. They aren’t after your money or anything, like I said, they are generally well-to-do and they can hold their side with or without your help. If you’re a guy with self-esteem and Insecurity issues, you might want to consider avoiding these ones and find someone in your ‘league’

The Manchester City Babes: images (27)

See yeah, these ones are basically gold diggers. Let’s call a spade a spade, these girls are in it for the money. The thing is they don’t even ball on the level of young money, these girls are out for the oil boys and/or barons. Oh you drive a camry or a Honda and so you think you can bag one of these? Hahaha…you’re funny. Trips to The Maldives, Maui and Nights at the Burj are just some of the necessities of their life. These girls are quite competitive and love to win. They will go any distance to get what they want irrespective of who gets hurt. Basically, they don’t play fair. Um..if you’re dating or attempting to date one of these, you better have a surname that ends with Adenuga, Dangote or billions (In Pounds). If they get with you and see you aren’t delivering results, they would dump you so fast you’d wonder if you were ever the shit.

The Chelsea Babes: images (28)

Started from the bottom, now we’re here. These girls are mostly…hmmm, let me find the right term…”attachers” Some time ago, they were nowhere on the status map then all of a sudden, they came in contact with some old money and BOOM! Levels change. They are somehow similar to the Man City babe in that they are money driven but the difference is class. The Chelsea type babes are mostly razz but they have been touched by some money and have resultantly ‘cleaned up’ Truth however remains; a leopard never changes its spots. These girls are also ruffians and wouldn’t hesitate to break a beer bottle on your head at the slightest provocation. Yes beer, they drink beer. Would I advise you to date a Chelsea babe? Um…Would I advise you to get run over by a Molue?

The Arsenal Babes: images (29)

Like the team they represent, these ones are effortlessly beautiful. They possess a sense of style and are graceful in all they do; from their movement to the way they talk. Yes they ooze style. On the flip side, these ones are/can be jokes. While the others are considered driven and competitive, the Arsenal babes are more concerned with keeping up appearances. As far as they are concerned, it is crowded at the top so they don’t mind occupying any other positions that would at least make them ‘comfortable’ Most Arsenal babes end up as side chics because of this behaviour. I must point out that they are very prudent; don’t spend anyhow and would most likely remain faithful UNTIL someone with more ambition comes their way and then they’ll leave your ass faster than Usain Bolt at the 80m mark.  Oh one good thing about these babes? They’ll help you save your resources. Yes, Economizing is their way.

So there we have it, The top four girl types. The truth about is, these same characteristics are typical of the football clubs they represent but looking deeper, they also are present in the fans. If you don’t agree go and make your own theory.  -__-

Anyway, in the spirit of the season and being an Arsenal fan myself, here is something fellow Gunners might enjoy: Sterling bank has partnered with Arsenal FC to issue co-branded debit cards in Nigeria.

images (30)

Basically, what this means is that you get your own personalized card alongside other classified benefits like official merchandise and tickets to see the team in action at The Emirates. In addition, Arsenal soccer school coaches will undertake a youth coaching clinic on behalf of the bank in Nigeria.  Click HERE for more info and open an ARSENAL KICK OFF ACCOUNT while you’re at it. So yes, your younger ones could just become the next Fabregas, Wilshere or…whoever Arsenal decides to sign. Lol

The ball is in your court

Meanwhile, Coming Soon: 1

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