The Nigga Fall Of Man

Hey yo yo…whatitdo yo? what-it-doooo? Oh I’m sorry. I’ll get out your hair in a teeny weeny bit. Sirkastiq here welcoming you to your favorite blog *side-eye TNC* and we’re gonna get straight to what we’re here for. Ok enjoy… I have said, You are gods; and all of you are children of the most High. Psalm 82:6 Or as we would like to say in the context of the post you are about to read: I have holla’d, Yo ass is gods; n’ all of yo ass is lil pimpz of da most thugged-out High. Disclaimer: This post has … Continue reading The Nigga Fall Of Man

Rant Six (Double)

Hey guys, Yeah, the “AARRGGHH” section took a back seat for a while because we needed to ensure that the blog maintained it’s diverse content . It was generally beginning to feel like a ‘drop your complaints’ here venue. We don’t despise that because that was our goal, however too much of something can be bad. But we’re back now… Applause? Smile? Ah well, straight to it, Today’s rant is yet by another anonymous sender. You guys are really chicken yeah? But it’s all good, do enjoy and I’ll see you on the flip side Oh wait… There’s two rants … Continue reading Rant Six (Double)

MuSick 2

Greetings, mortals. Good whatever time it is wherever it is that you’re reading this cos you know we international nshit. Different time zones ma nigga. Instagram that shit… And we know you people are too lazy to read this when it gets published. So yeah, good whatever time it is wherever you are. I hope y’all are good. Not doing anything harmful to the planet like burning down rainforests and allowing idiots to live and all that detrimental stuff. Remember this is the only planet with boobs. Let’s keep it safe. First of all, it’s been a pretty long time … Continue reading MuSick 2