Rant Two


It’s Friday.

What? What do you mean “and so?”

Do you not know that Friday means get excited and do shit because the weekend is here where you get to do more shit till you remember Monday is just some hours away and you feel like shit?

Anyway, It’s Friday and we shall continue with our AARRGGHH section. Don’t worry, by the time we have enough posts, we’ll probably pick official days dedicated to this section. However, for now..bear with us. So yes, Today on AARRGGHH, we have another  ranter sharing on something close to her heart. Ladies and Gentlemen… Cassie Daves

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Okay so I don’t know if this fits your specifications and all but I figured to stop overthinking and just send it in bla bla yada yada

Here it is.

Please I just want to rant about how evil  the male specie is, how selfish you guys are.
Yes yes! I’m grouping everyone together and generalizing and that’s shallow. I don’t curr, yall aint shit!

Where was I?  This story is a long one but I”ll just shorten it, I also don’t like too much long thing (ha ha, dirty minds)

Anyhoo, so I met this guy 2 years back. 6’3 to my 6’1. Weird like me. Amazing sense of humor. Arms that could do wonders (yes, you read right, “Arms”) Basically we were a match! Perfecto. We were both in love. (No, I’m not deluding myself. We both were).
After about 2/3 months of dillydallying, I finally asked what we were doing and then he goes on about how he’s scared of being hurt.

Ehh! You Say!?? Whaaaa?

What are you leading a babe on for? Bitch nigga behaviour!! Bottom line! He wasn’t ready to commit! Ahh,I ran for my life but not without some serious damages to my cardiac organ. After 2 years of healing and avoiding him and every other male, this nigga comes back into my life bringing up old memories and I actually let him oh. Somehow I figured we were older and wiser now. So I asked again for the 2nd time because I didn’t want any waste of time.

what do you want from me?

imagine his reply! The audacity!  this nigga be talmbout how he still has commitment issues, scared of committing to something and watching it fail  bla bla bla.
Are you kidding me right now?  Nooo. Someone slap me out of this neooowww so why did you come back? To make my life more miserable? Selfish son of a gun
Arrrgghhhhhhhhhh. You male folks are the worst. Don’t lead a girl on, if you have commitment issues FFS! Wazzwrong with you!??? Is the Devil using you to get to me? Tell Him you didn’t see me. O gini kwa!?

But being the G that I am, I have to always have my shit together and stuff so I go all sigmund freud on him “aww and I thought I had issues,you have more issues than me. You”ll be fine B, I pray someday you”ll meet that person that”ll make you want to try and I pray that when you do it will be worth it.”.

Lol! But okay I really did mean that for real. I actually do pray for him and wish him all the best. I understand bags and baggage so I understand where he’s coming from but aint nobody gat time for that and I’ve come to realize that its not even him I miss but the memories plus I’m just too Fab for all that. Gotta keep the wrinkles away yu’nurr!
So right now
I’m freeee. I’m overr you. I’m out. .

Yeah that’s it. Like literally I’m out. Rant over.

P.S – Don’t fall for guys who have been damaged psychologically and emotionally. You can’t win.

– Cassie Daves


Wow! LOL Sister Cassie, Are you sure you ain’t hurt? no? Just a little maybe? no? Hmmmm..,so we should believe that the pain is over? na lie, E pain am. My dear, good rant there.. but tell the truth you gave him another chance because of that good D you were getting. We all know when it comes to the D, y’all can’t say no. Homeboy must have been doing something (you) good. Uh huh

I mean after 2/3 months of “dilly-dallying?” Come on..what were you doing that it took you 3 months to ask that question “What are we doing?”

hahahaha..don’t mind me, I’m just a bitter moderator trying to play with your legs.

LOL..Thanks for this. So fam, what do you think? Are the male folk really the worst? Does she just want the D with a tag? Use the comment box to respond and remember, send your AARRGGHH worthy posts to thesarcasticctr@yahoo.com


29 thoughts on “Rant Two

  1. She is just shouting anyhow. You need to chill. There is global warming everywhere. You jst come hear talmbout ow u aint gat tym fo that! Girl, chillll. You still gon get that D. Yes! I know… I know…. There is a D in frustrated. I am out Biachasssss!


  2. You”ll be fine B, I pray someday you”ll meet that person that”ll make you want to try and I pray that when you do it will be worth it.”.


    Why do you wish him well??? Really?

    Men are evil jare.. One told me he had overwhelming fam issues so hearing the tag ‘boyfriend/girlfriend’ messes his focus up. What d hell is that??



  3. They know exactly what their doing… it’s just an excuse to not commit.

    That way, they are getting all the benefits of a boyfriend from you; they are banging you seven ways from Sunday, eating meals they only see on Food Network, they have someone to listen to them bitch about their bosses, someone to take care of them when they have menstrual cramps and so much more.

    All you get in return is two minutes of lousy sex and a chance to perfect your acting skills every time you (supposedly) cum… *rme*


      1. Don’t be silly… it’s two minutes for one way. It takes him 14 minutes to go through all the ways from Sunday.
        Now, depending on our schedules and if he’s been good with his Viagra prescription, 14 minutes might be spread over a whole week, or over a few days. 😀


      1. Lol… I might have a rant or two or seven… there’s always something to bitch about. But she kinda took the words out of my mouth already… 😀


  4. ℓOℓ! Nay. Did someone say “There’s a D in frustrated”? Well, there is actually. But not all guys are evil. Dazzall. >_>


  5. What Ngo said!!!

    You’re talking about 2/3 months? Try 9 months!
    nigga is like he’s not mentally ready and he’ll cheat and he cares too much for me and he doesn’t want to hurt me and we’re pretty much in a relationship without the title and titles just add unnecessary pressure anyways bla bla bla
    and despite the fact that I’m well aware that its just as Ngo described- nigga is eating his cake and having it, getting all the perks without the commitment- I’m still here o, except now I’m keeping my options open. Cuz tbh he’s a good time and I’ll miss his penis 🙈
    at this point sef me sef I don’t want the title, so fucked up smh


    1. Babes, are you sure we’re not fucking the same guy?

      Ok, seriously though… you’re better off than me, cos your “he” is a good time and he’s got a penis worth missing. Mine has got a few “Why did the chicken cross the road” jokes that he can say only in pidgin and his penis doesn’t get far enough to tickle my uvula.

      If you are really gifted with the ability to “keep your options open”, then stick around. Me, I can’t. Being with this dickwad, I won’t be open to meeting new guys, no matter how hot or smart or rich cos I’ll feel like I’m cheating on him. So I’m out 😀
      Good luck hun…


  6. “Like a G that i am” k

    Ppl dont realise when they are being protected. Again we dont know the full story.


  7. One of the most annoying features of the typical girl is the inability to stop being a clingy, needy *insert a word that isn’t the B one ere* and let go of someone that doesn’t want to be held on to. Is there sth tying you up and making it impossible for you to walk away? So why blame the dude that’s grabbing the opportunity you offer? If, though, there’s that amazing…….., nothing stopping you from developing commitment issues of your own and having fun too. #justsaying. Who needs sth serious? And if you do need sth serious, who says you can’t have fun before it gets to you? Don’t let them dudes have all the fun and complain. What a man can do……….and all that jazz


    1. There are lots of girls who are not needy or clingy, and who don’t want anything serious… They charge a minimum of 3k per night (and charge extra for swallowing).
      But because they are evil & selfish, these guys won’t go for those girls, cos they won’t get all the perks… & it won’t be as much fun cos part of the trips is toying with someone’s feelings.
      But you’re right; absolutely nothing is tying them together…


  8. Dnt knw y ya’ll are struggling to put a name on it …… If ure ready to get married go to church and find a good guy…. In d absence of dat pls swallow it and enjoy the sex….. He’s nt takin advantage of Ʋ… Dick wanted pussy as much as pussy wanted dick… Hu’s tellin Ʋ to get attached (→_→)


  9. arghhhhhhhhhhhh ,Casie has sha ranted on my behalf…fucking damaged sontin he’s calling himself…*I can’t commit, I don’t even understand me*…wtf!…hell I don’t even know me, but seriously, you know how to use the pleasurizer right?

    All that vexing vexed,Ladies truth is this, imagine that guy that claims to love you secretly, you can see it in his eyes, you know that he would enter the fastest keke napep to your house once you tell him in your churlish voice that you are bored or something, that dude you friend zoned and laugh secretly about it, that dude u ask to give you back n foot massage, yet all you say is ‘oh, thank you, you are such a good friend’

    That’s exactly what it means when a guy comes with the ‘I can’t commit’ ,don’t get mad, he wants the punaynay, no biggie, you want love and cuddle and some, it’s not by force, move on if you can’t deal, that’s what I did.

    sigh, I’ve said too much, I should go now
    side note: sex with the ones that can’t commit, is so so so so good!!! awesome.


  10. Ladies, puhleeeeezeeee!!!!!!!!! Derz no such tin as commitment phobia , itz jst pure SCAM!!!! It simply means ”I DON’T THINK YOU ARE WORTH DATING” …Itz d ladies who hear dis kinda stuff n stick around dt r jonzing


    1. hahahahahaha! eggzactly! painful to know, but solves alot of problems when you make up your mind to either stay and be screwed (left, right, center) or just move on already, ezzz nt by force.


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