Rant One.

Yo! Yo ! Yo!

Sometimes it gets tiring welcoming you guys here because it just gets tiring. This isn’t ROUNDS where @Cumical and I can easily just converse and get an introduction off, Here i have to engage my mind in some sort of “come up with an introduction” routine and that my friend, is not easy.

Anyway, today, we launch our new section “AARRGGHH” For those of you who just returned from the Isle of cluelessness, AARRGGHH is our rant section where we give you guys the freedom to ‘speak’ on any matter(s) as you deem fit. Of course,there are set rules for rants, you can view the entire post here

Today, we have our first guest, she prefers to be anonymous and that’s ok. Ladies and Gentlemen, the entire TSC crew welcomes…err…yeah


1. Nosy people: This early morning while I was dressing my younger ones up for school.. my aunt entered the room and asked for my phone..that she wants to go through it, check my pictures..etc . I dunno if she dreamt of me… Amean, why would you just decide one morning to go through my phone? I have nothing to hide ok..maybe I’m hiding somethings… But if I want you to know I’d tell you. Mind your Business AARRGGHH. I hate nosy people.

2. This thing mothers do.
So, I’ve been doing my chores all week….like a good girl… The day I decide to rest and do nothing…just a day.. She’d say all sorts to me and its like I’m the worst & the most useless child ever. Mothers have a way with words that really pisses me off AARRGGHH.

Okay… This is none of my business…. But it pisses me off… And its common amongst girls… The “picture-set-faces/smiles” very annoying… After going through about 200 pictures..different days, different occasions yet… The smile/face doesn’t change @ all….AARRGGHH… Are you scared of your face??

4. Annoying people that don’t understand simple English…
You are annoying. And you’ve annoyed me… I’m trying hard not to Get too mad @ U… I asked u to leave… But you wouldn’t… AARRGGHH.. Unfortunately… I have these kinda people as room mates… *sigh.

Feeling better already…That would be all for now…



Okay, that was quite a ‘rant’ even though she didn’t dwell so much on the issues. I’m just glad she found this as an outlet to let stuff off her chest. LOL, I also help with that by the way.

So look, if you’re sending in posts, I beg you in the name of whatever you believe in, WRITE IN PROPER ENGLISH!!! If you’re going to write like a retard with epilepsy, you can be assured, we will NOT be putting up your post. As much as we want to offer our platform, we also have some sort of integrity to protect. even if it is small. So thanks for not abbreviating and writing like you never learnt to spell.

Watch out for our next post.

God Bless you


4 thoughts on “Rant One.

  1. Aarrrrrrh , I hate it when at when I’m at the ATM and the guy before me don’t know how to use the machine.
    Asin eeeh I’m hungry, tired, angry and this dude in front me is playing tetris with the machine ..#sigh
    Not only that, when you try to help him. His face would be like u are trying to rub him lol ..


  2. aaaaarrggh… Jst when am getting relaxed to enjoy miss anonymous’ rant she cuts it short. Aaarrrggghh this aint fair o! Are you a learner? Nice one though.


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