I’m really not so happy to be here (at work) typing this. See, I’d rather still be on my self-imposed workers holiday because I don’t understand how we get a one day holiday out of more than 200 working days.

Anyway, it could be worse; like having to sing the coldstone song for about 200 days while doing work there as a waiter. So yeah, I’m still thankful for such little mercies.

So um, Back to the matter, Our last post Diss-Course was some sort of creative Insult challenge where we basically asked that you guys come up with creative ONE LINER DISSES. For some unknown reason, a lot of you turned it into sparring sessions devoid of ONE LINERS. As the comments rolled in, all i could do was wonder if we shouldn’t have done a post on “What a one liner is” first.

Very few people stuck to the script of ‘one liners’ The rest of you just ran riot, desperately trying (too) hard. But we love you anyway. So I’m just going to stop the speech and point out some of the interesting disses we came across

Now this sorta explains what I said earlier

1.Capture 2

So, when we had our round table, we couldn’t exactly know which of thevillagebelle’s entries to pick because she sent in so many, though we could easily locate some via google. However the above is proof of her ‘official entry’ so yeah,that’s entry number 1..

There were some others that met the ONE LINER criteria and we shall share them as qualifiers for the final Votes which you guys will decide


Now I don’t know if that was a personal hit but someone remind me to maim @Snikoggs anywhere i meet him.

3. Capture3

Hahaha…The thing about this one is; it’s simple, endearing, yet painful. It seems like honest advice but mehn..LOL

4.  Capture4

Yo!!! I’m not even going to pretend, this is actually my favorite..”with a face like that, you should swear more” Can you see the depth in that? It’s like an onion, a plenty-sided spear. it cuts so deep. Mehn, if anyone tells me this, I’ll just give up on the argument, sit on the ground and evaluate my existence.

5. Capture5HAAYYYYYY!!!!

So, you guys are going to play judge; the stage is set; who gets your vote? thevillagebelle, snikoggs, slevinCalevra, faithclin or Gee?

We want to appreciate you guys for participating. Villagebelle, you had soooo much fun, we’re happy we could somehow brighten your NYSC in Zamfara. That’s what TSC always aims to achieve.

Please use the comment section to vote for who you think should get the Monopoly board among the aforementioned participants

So vote guys, I’ll be back at about 6pm to announce the winner 🙂


24 thoughts on “After-Math

  1. I would ve voted faithclin for that classic one liner, but village girl probably needs the monopoly more seeing as it will help her pass time in zamfara. Cheers… Village girl!!!


  2. Well, voting time is basically up and tallying all the votes, It seems thevillagebelle gets the edge with 5 votes while faithclin has 4. So congrats to thevillagebelle, pls DM us @TheSarcasticCtr and we’ll work out a way you get your Lagos Monopoly Set

    Cheers and Congrats


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