Compaireasons 2

Sometimes you sit and wonder, “why am I wondering?”. Sometimes you sit doing nothing and you look back at the last 5 minutes you spent staring into space and you congratulate yourself on time well spent. Sometimes your mind wanders and you start to see connections in the remotest things. And you begin to link words. Like Eboue, Insult, Nigerians, Football, Banky W’s head. Sometimes the tiniest of things catch your attention and you’re so wrapped in your own world that you almost get pissed when someone wakes you from your reverie.

Today, friends and family of the TSC community, we are here to rub minds. Well, we’re here to watch a mini debate go down between one of the greatest minds in the world and me.



We’re here to watch me argue with myself.

Anyway, this is a follow up to the last post we had here  and even though Kelvin has already done all the best Compaireasons™ and left me with the dregs, he did leave out a few. First and most important amongst these few is…

Shaki Vs Roundabout

Yup..see the veins on that muscle flexer…

This is probably one comparison that will never die out in people’s mouths. Literally… Which is better? The rough sponge-like feel of the ever glorious shaki or the smooth long look of the roundabout. (Is that the legal name? Does it not have a real name like the rest of its siblings like ponmo or bokoto? I don’t even know but hey. Let’s focus on what’s important please)

In terms of name we already have a winner because shaki doesn’t have a part of the road named after it. I mean, someone was making turns at the roundabout and went, “Hey, this feels like the meat I ate 3 days ago” and decided to name that part of the topology after the glorious delicacy.

Yes, that’s how it happened.

No, it’s not the other way around.

Please do your research before coming to argue blindly on the internet.

In terms of texture however, we have shaki pulling some serious weight here because it looks like the type of meat that can fight its own battles. Tough like a Spartan. Other pieces of food will agree that sometimes Hydrochloric Acid can be a bitch, but not to shaki. Obviously the Balotelli of assorted meat.

Arsenal Vs Super Eagles


Go on..
Go on..
download (5)
Super Chicken

There are a few differences though. For example, one has more white players with a few dark skinned players and the other has loads of dark skinned niggas with a few light skinned ones.

One didn’t need N1.2million to open a Facebook fanpage. The other obviously bought the deluxe version and did it big.

Sometimes one team actually wins. Surprising right? They actually score more goals than the opposition and their fans can come online and run their mouths with “Gooners Forever” and brag about how their team is better than those in the Coca-cola division. These times however are few and far between and are to be made the best use of, so you really can’t blame them.

The other team however, went to art school, as it seems they can only draw. All the inspiration in the world is not enough to make them win. So much that they were the subject of ridicule from a parody account spitting hot fire.

This is a touchy subject for me. Give me a minute to compose myself.

You guys better deliver on Sunday yo. Nobody is playing with you. Especially not Eboue.

images (8)

Well, technically, he is…but you get my point.

With these few points of mine, I’m sure you can deduce which team is better. At least one team wins sometimes.

PS: I did not mention any names. If you used your discerning to figure out who I was talking about then it was your discerning. Not mine.


Shina Rambo vs 2Chainz

images (9)


You have to understand that these guys are actually signed. To actual record labels. And are expected to produce real albums that the record labels will deem fit to release to the general public.


2Chainz, whose government name is actually Tauheed Epps (How Kanye signed a nigga named Tauheed is still beyond me) is a rapper aslso known as Tity boi (are you hearing these names??) that hails from Georgia. This nigga here has a 4.0 GPA (I know right? Who doesn’t?) and finished second in his class, but you guys need to get this, 2Chainz finished with a 4.0 GPA.

Shouldn’t he rap better than a cheap gift store?

Let’s leave this for a minute.

Shina Rambo.

I swear, I googled Sina Rambo..I dont un'ersten
I swear, I googled Sina Rambo..I dont un’ersten

My goodness.

I have learned in my few years of studying the music industry that sometimes the wack musicians get more buzz than the really good ones. I mean some people don’t know who Bez is but they…what? You don’t know who Bez is?


Anyway, if you search this nigga’s name on Wikipedia, the words “This page has some issues” appear. I would like to rest my case at this point. Shina Rambo is the worst rapper the world over, and yes, even 2Chainz looks at him with disdain.

images (11)

At least 2Chainz charges $100,000 a verse. And actually wears 2Chainz. Fascinating right? Shina Rambo has nothing to offer. Even Davido stopped and laughed the first time in the studio when he was supposed to say “Shina Rambo is better than….alliyou, alliyou”

I know. I was there.

I was gonna do a Aki and Frodo Baggins comparison or how Banky W wants to be Neyo so bad but I’m really not in the mood for tears, so we’re just gonna stop here for now. Okay?


We have an announcement by the way….



It’s not news that Terdoh is the master at this wit shit so let’s not even get on that right now. Great post my man.


So guys, You know that announcement we’ve been talking about? Yeah, so from the stables of TSC,  we present our Valentine special series titled “VALENTUNES.” No, it’s not a mistake or error. “ValentUnes” basically involves a fusion of Valentine stories and Music. Our aim is to serve you with love themed stories laced with music inserts. The songs can either form the content of the post or feature sporadically. We shall do our best to serve all posts laced with humour while not diluting our attempted seriousness.


Ladies and Gentlemen, Featuring on Valentunes are @Cumical, @TheGreyGenesis, @VixenPixie, @deolaaa and @Sirkastiq. Valentunes begins on Feb 11th and runs till the 15th.

Follow us on Twitter @TheSarcasticCtr.

Cheers guys


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