All I Want For Christmas

Ho Ho Ho!!! Not you Miss Kardation. Yes, It’s Christmas in a matter of days and a lot of you are already in high spirits. Let’s not ignore the fact that some of y’all are always constantly high irrespective of the spirits you indulge in. so yeah. Anyway, as part of our contribution to the season and ensuring that the avid readers of TSC get a chance to experience the joy that comes with this time, we decided to do this. We asked that you (dear reader) send in your Christmas wishes; These were collated and then forwarded to the … Continue reading All I Want For Christmas


Christmas season is a fun season for many reasons. This is where you act like you didn’t notice my bars oh…keep reading. So yeah, while it’s a season for lots of merriment, we at TSC cannot help but give credit to whom it is due. It is completely appalling and heart breaking that the real martyrs of the season go without being celebrated. Ask the layman on the street what Christmas represents and he’s quick to tell you that we are celebrating the birth of Christ. If you ask some more people, one is sure going to say it’s about … Continue reading CucKoo


And so it came to pass in the year of our Good King WhatsHisFace the 3rd that there lived in the suburbs a young lassie by the name of Emannuellachukwudili Odimma Ekanem, first and only daughter of the late Emmanuel Chuckwuemeka Ekanem, the one whose back never touches the ground, and whose palm wine keg is always empty, also called Ella for short. This certain young lass Ella lived with her iniquitous step mother and her step sisters. Her step sisters were revolting to the sight and unpleasant to the eye. Ella was equally unpleasant to the eye, but not … Continue reading Cinder-Ella