Arghmaigerd you gois! Arghmaigerd!


Okay okay…

*wipes tears*

You’re a real nigga Terdoh. You can’t be doing this in public.

Okay okay okay…

So last night, all three members of the TSC admin were in an executive meeting, waiting for the awards to be announced.

*slow drumroll*

Robert Downey Jnr. in the Iron Man suit stares at camera.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, boys, and men with tits, I have in my hands the winner to this year’s Most Humorous blog for the Nigerian Blog awards.”

*Everyone waits with bated breath* 

Well not really. We were all almost falling asleep. Dammy One of us was actually deep snoring n shit. Everyone’s refreshing the @naijablogawards TL watching for their own blog and then suddenly…








We went ambulance crazy! All we did was “wee wee wee” no matter what! It was an amazing night! People crowding our mentions and our chat boxes with congratulations! Phone calls… (Kel and Dammy, did you guys get any phone calls? I didn’t. I just assumed you did because you know, people love you gois :’)

editor’s note: I got one this morning

Too awesome!

Anyway, it will be unusually lazy of all three of us if we don’t give you a thank you post immediately right? Right?

Can’t be left out…



Thank you thank you thank you thank you!


We would have written a list of “Thank yous and ova ish” but it would be hella painful if you went back to the list one day if we didn’t win and then you’ll be like “Kai! Messuff!”

But anyway, we did win for THE SECOND YEAR RUNNING, so I have to whip up a makeshift list, you know…

Thank you to:

Every single person that used their Kilobytes and Megabytes to open that page and click that tiny radio button next to our blog and used their multiple e-mail addresses to vote for us. You guys make awesome look stupid. We can’t say thank you enough but… wait! Actually, we can! “Thank you enough!”


Thank you to:

To all of you who took out days, and sometimes weeks, to compose a single post just for the sole purpose of making people laugh, or smile, or at least blow air through their nostrils, to all of you who wrote features for our blog, especially during the For Uncolored People series (cos we can’t even front, that series was too instrumental in getting us votes n shit). So to @Colormycake (Otas baby, we have mad love for you. We know how hard It was mayne. Really, we love you girl), The Tush Aboki @MallamSawyerr A-Cup @Andhiii, Sick @C1kko, Immortal @NickFisher, the amazing @Demi_Carson (who came through for us twice in like 3 weeks) and my former present future wife @RaliaDSugarGirl. editor’s note: very lazy girl that one

Also, thank you to:

all the folks who featured on perSPECTIVES, that’s counting The Weird @weird_oo, the inane Bobby @SirScribbles, Our own Femi @MallamSawyerr (who always seems to come through for us (Baba, you need to write more oh!), Banks @xoAFRO (boss! Congratulations on your award man!), @CeceNoStockings (we love you baybuh!), the delectable @MsJulz (awwwks!) and to VIC VIC!! @The_Daywalker_

To all y’all on twitter who gave us moral support and kept asking us “any new post?” Yeah! Your peer pressure is the reason we always make sure we deliver.

It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t acknowledge The Godfather™. It was his idea that we join forces because two heads are always better than one. And we’re not even talking about this threesome that we have. No homo. So, this is our acknowledgement to Wole The Godfather™ @TTXIII (Also known as @TNC_AlChemist). Thank you boss, for that flash of genius.

Meanwhile, this is the part where I add that we’re gonna be celebrating with Sharwarma and Juwees this Saturday. Kelvin is taking us out. (No for real. He can’t escape from this one).

editors note: Wait, What? You’re going to die Tee

Again, we say a deep heartfelt, heartwarming thank you to everyone who voted for us and everyone who made this possible. Thank you again and again and again! You awesome mortals.

@Terdoh for TSC


27 thoughts on “Gracias

  1. 😀 We won!!! *etighiazontogangnammakossayahoozee* (¬_¬) (I can famz, yea?) 😀 yes! WE did it! Congrats guys!!! I wasn’t surprised though. It was expected. Y’all rock! (Like rock buns 😐 )
    And by the way, that first face actually looks like you, Terdoh. #justsaying. Okbye.


  2. *Jerks* *mutters courage and stands up*
    “Excuse me, is shawarma the name of a beach?”

    *slaps self* “sorry”
    Congratulations guys, we kids salute as we pick up our slates and learn how to be successful in writing! Thumbs in d air 🙂


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