Engine Oil Black

“Although we’ve come to the end of the road, still i can’t let you go…”

Oh, Hi there guys, Today brings us to the close of the series which has run since Thursday last week. It has been a good run so far and we appreciate all of you for reading, the comments, feedback etc.  Let me step aside and allow you enjoy what real love looks like. PS: All characters are fictional and bear no semblance to real life people. Ladies and Gentlemen…



Today my lover & I went for a walk. It was very romantic. He kept looking back & staring at me. It was going rather well until he yelled at me to stop following him because he doesn’t know me. How ridiculous is that? How can he not know the mother of his 3 future children? I’ve done nothing but love him. I’ll have to address this tonight while we’re in bed together. He always leaves his bedroom window open for me. Romantic isn’t it? I’ve never really been in his room yet. We’ve been together 6 months but I’m kind of an old fashioned woman and believe intimacy should wait. But tonight on our 6 month anniversary and after this romantic walk, I feel its time we took it to the next level. I even bought him a new cell phone because his current one keeps hanging up on me.  So I’m thinking, give him his new cell phone, then we’ll lay in bed together and discuss where this relationship is going.

Anyways that’ll be for later, let me tell you a little bit about us. Kelvin and I met about 8 months ago at a Friend’s Dinner party. Turns out we had both attended the same college. It was really love at first sight. I kept staring at him & he kept staring back. Then 1 week later, I had been mugged outside a Starbucks and guess who my hero was? Yup. Kelvin. I mean sure, I’d been following him for one week and had been waiting outside his favorite starbucks to “casually bump” into him but that’s besides the point. The point is, he was my hero. Isn’t that the stuff all great romance stories are made of?

Since then we’ve gone to a lot of places together. Dinner dates, movies, however Kelvin is very shy so I have to sit two chairs away. Once we even went to his parents barbecue together. I introduced myself as K’s friend and his mum seemed to like me. We’re a very romantic couple but you know how boys are, so I don’t tell him all the wonderful things we do together.

We rarely fight because we’re so perfect for each other. Once I’d been mad at him because he had gone on a date with another girl. At first I thought it was just mid relationship jitters, we were 3 months in and very serious but then the camera I installed in his home for his own safety had caught them making out. Sigh. So I took care of the girl. Us women have to make sure no one steals our men you know? All these trifling hos don’t know when a man is taken. I called him to talk about it a few times but he kept saying “I think you have the wrong number” and hanging up. Maybe my voice sounds different over the phone, then again I also had a cold that day.  But he sounded sorry, I could hear it in his voice.

It’s midnight and I’m on my way to the Lover’s house. Its finally that night. I’m so happy. After 8 months I know he’s the one. His door is locked even though I texted him that I’ll be coming over. And so is his window for the first time ever. Hmm. Then again I did hear him on the phone talking about some girl stalking him, I’m sure she spooked him. I don’t understand why girls are so desperate and don’t understand when they’re not wanted. Thank God I’m not like that. He seems to be asleep so I let myself in with my key that I made, Undress put his new phone on his bedside table and slip into bed with him. He feels amazing. He doesn’t complain and snuggles into me. We’ll talk in the morning, for now I just want to bask in this.

After a peaceful night I’m awakened by shrieking. I wake to a half naked Kelvin in bed screaming “What the fuck are you doing here?” I’m really confused and calmly reply “Didn’t you get my text baby? Would you like breakfast?” He continues screaming and asks me to leave before he calls the police. I try to reason with him and say “Baby, sit down let’s talk.” He doesn’t seem too keen on it. Boys. I think he’s just having a hard time at work and wants to be alone so I leave.

Or maybe he wasn’t ready for this stage in our relationship because he looks a little scared. I’ll just see him later.


Later that day anyways I receive a letter called “Restraining Order” and its from Kelvin. I think he’s apologizing or maybe it’s a “just because” poem.


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30 thoughts on “Engine Oil Black

  1. You guys realize that Saka is entirely delusional, right? Because dude was editing the series he now went and changed Tokunbo that Otas had originally named the character to Kelvin. Rubbish.

    This post, the best in the series tbh


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