“You better watch out, you better watch out, you better *chops mouth* I’m telling you now, Santa Claus is coming to town” …Ho Ho Hold your horses! I know it’s not Christmas yet and I’m not even trying to speed up things around here. Oh before we delve, allow me to thank you guys again for the votes and belief in the TSC team. Yes y’all voted for us and we got the award for “best humor blog” for another year running. No monetary prizes but hey, recognition aids fulfilment. Thank you. So yeah, where were we? As Christmas approaches, … Continue reading Carnivals


SO! Arghmaigerd you gois! Arghmaigerd! :’) Okay okay… *wipes tears* You’re a real nigga Terdoh. You can’t be doing this in public. Okay okay okay… So last night, all three members of the TSC admin were in an executive meeting, waiting for the awards to be announced. *slow drumroll* Robert Downey Jnr. in the Iron Man suit stares at camera. “Ladies and Gentlemen, boys, and men with tits, I have in my hands the winner to this year’s Most Humorous blog for the Nigerian Blog awards.” *Everyone waits with bated breath*  Well not really. We were all almost falling asleep. … Continue reading Gracias


Lol…You thought that was the end right? Me too. But hey, it won’t be fair to just leave without even saying goodbye. So that’s what this is. Before we get to that though, here’s my outro… ***** “I see the different colours of the rainbow, which one i go take o, all that glitters ain’t gold, it’s all about the ego…something, something, something, somethiiiing…” The Sun is quite hot this afternoon. Either that or my body temperature is attempting to get me into the Guinness book of records. I’m yet to experience a cold sunny afternoon, so I really do … Continue reading Rainbows

Engine Oil Black

“Although we’ve come to the end of the road, still i can’t let you go…” Oh, Hi there guys, Today brings us to the close of the series which has run since Thursday last week. It has been a good run so far and we appreciate all of you for reading, the comments, feedback etc.  Let me step aside and allow you enjoy what real love looks like. PS: All characters are fictional and bear no semblance to real life people. Ladies and Gentlemen… @ColorMyCake ***** Today my lover & I went for a walk. It was very romantic. He … Continue reading Engine Oil Black

Grey Matter

Love is a mysterious thing. People stay in love for the funniest reasons. I mean who would have thought that after helping her discover her inner mascara, Rihanna would still crave Chris brown? It’s a wonder…Today, we examine one such scenario. Ladies and Gentlemen, The coolest story teller this side of the world… @TheGreyGenesis *** I watched as though locked in an unfortunate trance as Mummy Nkem charged towards me with the ferocity of a raging bull. In record time, she had wrapped both her porky arms around my waist, simultaneously putting her head under my left armpit. In the … Continue reading Grey Matter

Semen White

It’s been a long journey and we appreciate everyone for going the distance with us. We *sob* have almost come to the end of this. Today’s story is quite short for reasons you shall discover as you read on. Thanks again for bearing with us on this project. You guys are so freaking awesome. Ladies and Gentlemen… @Terdoh ***** “Really? Seriously? This is all?” -Amelia. “You’ve got to be kidding me. Pass me my bra please…” -Janet. “Yes, I love a man who can make me laugh. But not by tickling me with his penis” -Tolu. “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” -About 4 different … Continue reading Semen White

Ajebutter Green

Hey Guys, it’s our deepest desire to entertain while at the same time mess up your brains with the things we put out on here. This post however, is geared at righting the wrongs of generations past and bringing forth World peace…or not. Ladies and Gentlemen, enjoy… @Demi_Carson ***** “He touched me, he touched me, oh what joy fills my soul…” Try as I might, every single time the choir sings this song, I can’t help but choke on my own giggle. So seshual, so damn seshual. He touched you. Of course you’re happy he touched you. Ehn, judge me … Continue reading Ajebutter Green

Mechanic Blue

Hey Guys, Today we continue our series with the voice of one who has it all but yet seemingly doesn’t realize his place or something like that. Ladies and Gentlemen…representing “Mechanic Blue,” … @NickFish3r ***** *PAUSES BLUE FILM* I swear if you have not watched Yoruba blue film before you should die by a coward’s sword. Someone like Theon Greyjoy I reckon. YE! OOOSS! AAASS! AYE MI O!! ON TA MI O!!! MO KU O!! IYA MI O!! OLORIBUU!! IYA E!!! YE FISI FUNMII, AYAAA… Even though my Yoruba brethren are normally loud, the way this Usman BuranGiraffe, the northern … Continue reading Mechanic Blue

Edo Black

There are some things that happen in this mysterious life that we cannot explain *Insert Nollywood Track here* When such things happen, we shake our heads, contort our mouth into an annoying shape and act bewildered. Today, we shall listen to one such tale as told by…Ladies and Gentlemen… @RaliaDsugarGirl ***** It’s a few minutes past 10 pm and I’m sitting alone in “Kerosene Fridge;” the beer parlor beside my house. I can see you looking at me, judging. Go on, Judge Judy, judge well well. Ah ahn… Small girl like that, only her come beer parlor dey drink big … Continue reading Edo Black

Fox River Pink

Welcome Guys, Today we shall all be happy, hold hands, put flowers in our hair and sing Kumbaya because we are awesome like that. Feel free to wear your Skinny jeans and cry like Drake if you feel all emotional. It’s Talking about sexual decisions, preferences and what not, Please welcome… @Cikko ***** I’d First read about them in the papers. A community for men who only loved men! Then a friend confirmed their existence and I soon got the address.   My mother is open-minded and extremely well read. She is more ‘with the times’ than I am. … Continue reading Fox River Pink