For Un-Colored People

Hey Guys, Sirkastiq here… It’s always a pleasure having you guys click that link and enter these premises with the expectations of finding something that would be worth your while. We the TSC team sincerely hope that we have been able to meet these desires in ways that only laughter can express. Buahaha…Of course, we have. Let’s not even front, our entire crew is badder than you. I should observe some sort of restraint but I’m really excited. Here’s why: First of all…go down low. Lower… Aha!  I just wanted to do that. So yes, first of all, we have … Continue reading For Un-Colored People

Skin Tight

Yes, Yes, it’s been a while we wrote. Go on then take your best shot. Anyways, be thankful we are here now. lol. Don’t mind us jare. We are cooking up something that is taking lots of offline work, brain storming and all that stuff so yeah, look out for that. To keep you company today Ladies and Gentlemen, Please welcome @Demi_Carson *** The 11th commandment: thou shall have no resemblance to Willie Wonka. Dressed in shorts, cute brogues and a drop dead gorgeous vintage blouse, I sit at the newest eatery in town waiting for my date to show … Continue reading Skin Tight