Hey people,

Yeah i know, Have you heard? No? Yes? Where on God’s green (red if you’re in Edo state) earth have you been? So you mean you haven’t heard? Ah well, see that picture up there? I’m pretty sure you must have seen a similar something some days or weeks ago. Oh you remember now? Good. Well it just so happens that we were tired of being innovators and allowed others to have a feel of being ahead.

I know what you’re thinking but your father’s great grand Uncle is the one that’s a plagiarist. Thank you. You’re welcome. Do not mention, it’s my pleyor.

What? you don’t know what TSC is? ok. For those of you who are probably new here and are wondering, first of all, you should definitely delete your social network accounts, empty your bank account to one whose details i shall furnish soon, and then write a 400 page account of why your life is the way it is.

Such effrontery.

aaaaaanyway, TSC is a collaborative blog jointly run by Terdoh, Dammy and Myself. aka (the tweep formerly known as ) Cumical, TheGreyGenesis and (the tweep who we don’t know what he is/would be/if he would be but is/was known as) Sirkastiq. We don’t mean to brag but this is the number one go-to site for Humor and all that stuff. This isn’t bragging, we have awards and statistics to show for it. So yeah that’s who we are and we just want to make some announcements.

Don’t dare exit this page. We know your Ip address.

You know what they say about change and how it’s the only constant thing? You also know that’s crap right because fares actually vary depending on where you’re headed and how much you give the conductor. So yeah, talking about destinations, we have embarked on some changes geared towards taking us to our desired destination which will become clear as we proceed. Truth is we aren’t so sure where we are going but spontaneity is fun right?

So yeah, to suit our ongoing re-branding which our sister site TNC has also adopted (abi copied…We see you Tula), we have made the following changes:

1. Our domain name shall now be The previous url: henceforth becomes inactive though we still have control over it. We could have proven our big boy status by getting our own personal domain like our sisters at TNC but we don’t wanna oppress them. so remember the address, bookmark and share

2. The Site name remains TSC, although this has been slightly modified to “The Sarcastic Center” rather than its former moniker “The Sirkastiq Centre” This is because, we need to reflect the site as a community rather than the sole property of an individual. Remember that we are now a group of idiots running this.

3. We are developing a logo. Fuck you. We need content to fill up these numbers so yes, we might as well tell you what we are working on *rozay grunt*

4. We just (some minutes ago) opened a Twitter handle @TheSarcasticCtr Please follow us as we shall um…you know these things and Yes, we shall follow back and share candy too.

5. We (most likely) will be introducing “new” writers (yes RaliaDsugarGirl and etc) and/or sections. all for your pleasure. We do this for the people and to boost our corporate social responsibility portfolio. Yes some of us have eventual political ambitions.

6. We might even start organizing events like um…”The Sarcastic Convos,” “Wet and Wild” etc. Please these ideas are all originals and have been registered and trademarked. Indiscriminate use by any body or organisation will attract legal action.

7. All of Cumicals posts (previously on Cumical anecdotes) can be found on the new site so yeah…YEAH! sadly, we can’t find Cumical himself anymore on the stweets. sigh…This Mysterious life. Somebody will just wake up one day and delete his Twitter just like that. Hian! Wonders!

8. We need sponsors. Do we have to spell it out? ok. S-P-ON-SAWS We are open to giving out stuff to our dear readers so feel free to contact us for that. Pls Note: anything less than N1500 credit will be considered mobilization fee and would not be given out. So being the center for all things humorous and downright ridiculous, you can be sure that our reach is longer than MTN’s epileptic 9am-9pm BIS service. Let the Lord bless you and let us use you.

So yeah, if you didn’t get this mail automatically, then we suggest you follow the blog by adding your e-mail to the place somewhere on the site that asks you to add your e-mail. Incase you are still wondering why things have changed, I can only conclude that you are among the people that supported OBJ’s third term agenda.

Prepare for more awesome stuff from on here. We won’t disappoint. Know why? We really are just awesome like that. If you like argue, we are entirely heart broken by your feelings.

So that’s about it.

TSC yo!


23 thoughts on “Changes.

  1. “This Mysterious life. Somebody will just wake up one day and delete his Twitter just like that.”

    Oh, the overly obvious irony. Dammy, when are you deleting your own account o? Temporarily, quite obviously…



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