You would probably expect the usual kinda intro that you’re used to me giving but nahhh…we’re gonna skip that for today. Wow! it’s so good to be in your faces again, Boy (girl or whatever you are) am i excited?! This feeling is only akin to that which you feel when that chic finally says yes…and allows you to hold her hand…in public…while that other guy who likes her watches. #NoTime.

A lot has been going on here. We’ve been doing some restructuring and shit. Oh who’s we? Excuse my entire existence. By we, i refer to the official new crew of TSC. None other than @TheGreyGenesis (who you’re familiar with) and @Cumical (who is familiar with you). Yeah Terdoo has officially joined us on here. He has basically moved his entire blog here and we have merged to be your number one go-to-blog for all things humor in Nigeria. So help us God.

Anyway, we are here for some other business. We sat down one particular day like this and decided to put our heads together. you know they say 2 heads are better than one, they never actually said what 3 could do though. So yeah, while we brainstormed and shared ideas, we decided to come up with a week long supply of posts for our dear TSC readers. On some other blogs, this is referred to as a ‘series’. Here, it is referred to as ‘a week long supply of posts” This is definitely shorter.

Excited yet?

So here’s what we are doing.  For those who know us (up, close or personal) You would agree that we are not the types to accept the norms. As a matter of fact, i personally love disproving facts or established rules. I’m the guy that will tell you that you don’t have to be shy after you’ve been beaten once, i would also prove to you  (in the same breath) that you can’t escape being shy after you’ve been bitten. I’m hoping (in the name of God) that you are following me…

Who makes rules? Why do we follow them? What makes the color white white? Why do we bother whether the glass is half full or half empty? Can’t we just pour the content into another and save ourselves the trouble? There are really so many questions, norms, cliches that our lives are made of. Some of us (unfortunately) go through life without looking at things from other views. We fail to allow our minds wander, our brains have known no exercise since forever. Some think that it takes superior mind-ability to be witty or smart, it doesn’t actually, it’s just a function of being open minded enough to not let your brain fall out.

Yes. look closely and you’ll see a boat…oops! wrong picture you perverts

We intend to help you see things you normally wouldn’t, think thoughts you probably wouldn’t and um…*insert something that ends and rhymes with wouldn’t*

I hope you didn’t just say ‘jesus!”

Our week long supply of posts is called “perSPECTIVES” and we shall be looking at normal things from abnormal (yet interesting)  angles. Our desire is to jolt your mind, spark it up to say “Oh wow! Why didn’t i ever think of that?” Hopefully when we are done, you’d be smarter for it. Starting on Sunday July 22nd at noon

To do justice, we have selected some of the brilliant minds we could cajole and they have honored us with their presence. You will be reading a post each from @CeCeNoStockings, @MsJulz, @weirdoo @MallamSawyerr @Sir_Scribbles, @xoAFRO and of course @TheGreyGenesis and @Cumical. There might just be a special appearance by someone so…keep those fingers crossed, I shall turn up at the end somewhere atink… So yeah, tell your friends, enemies and lovers that TSC is shutting down blogsville for the next week. Do well to subscribe via e-mail as we would not be spamming TL’s with post links. Posts shall go up by noon daily and on some days, we just might have more than one post, so yeah…SUBSCRIBE!

Please feel free to use the above advert poster as your DP, or Twitter avatar to help spread the word and pique curiosity. Thanks for the honor.

Sirkastiq… For TSC


16 thoughts on “INTRO-perspectives

  1. Hmmm. Number one blog to go to for humor in Nigeria? We’ll see about that…

    Can’t wait to read Weird_oo and Terd_oo’s post… I hope they make me go oo…. #OkBye.


  2. I have to say that poster is quite disturbing! Buts that the whole point innit…….Cos perspectives….and the guy can be seen in different pers….



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