The End

Good evening.


(Really, wouldn’t you guys feel bad if I didn’t greet you accordingly?)

Anywhoo, as you may have noticed, I have finished Le 30 Days Blog Challenge shit and for those people who were viewing a half empty cup and telling me I couldn’t do it, I have just one thing to say to you my beauties;


No homo.

Now that I’m done, I can join the league of extraordinary badasses like Wana who have successfully finished theirs and look down with disdain at the ones who haven’t.

*Moonwalks all over Coco and uses her to wipe her blog*

I’m still waiting for Tula to do his own oh.

Anyway, I’m not here to loathe (moonwalks over Coco some more) or talk about how easy it was to finish this (moonwalks over Coco a little more)….

Mind me not…let me get to business.

Thank you!

Really guys, thanks. Thanks for the comments, thanks for subscribing, thank you for retweeting and faving the links so you can read ’em later, thanks for all the DMs, tweets, pings, someone even sent an e-mail to say she really enjoyed my blog. I couldn’t have done it without you people being constantly expectant. It got boring after a while, but you faggots hung on till the end.

I. Am. Grateful.

Thank you to:

    -Everyone who wrote for me. (And everyone who didn’t). That would include Larry Sushey, Wana, Basco The Martian, Chyke, Kelvin, Coco, Steff, Lade, Tobzville, and Wole (did I miss anyone?). You guys are the fucking utter scum of the insane universe. Thank you for sharing your amazing brains with my pen.
    -Every blog I got info from. Especially for the Chronicles Of Awesomeness Section. Loads of stuff was taken from Wikipedia and That’s an amazing site guys. You’ll be held spellbound by the level of humour et pure awesomeness on that site. Check it out.
    -My very own Vixen. For all the dumb ideas she unconsciously gave me. I love you woman. No homo.
    -Every single person who helped me get to 12,000+ views in less than 3 months without having to tag your names repeatedly in each post’s link. Y’all rock.


After all that has been said and done, I have an even bigger announcement to make.

I’m closing the blog. ( ._.)

Yes. I’m serious.

Yes. Again.

Hear me out first na! At least I’m officially announcing it this time. Damn humans!

So I was having a conversation with Wole, and he had this brilliant idea (I’m most certain it was while he was sipping on one of those his Cocktail Concoctions) that he shared with me. Now we all agree that the most interesting blogs are those that are run by two or more people. Need I cite examples?

They’re not paying for advertising so….( ˘˘̯)

Yeah, so he suggested that I merge with someone and run a collective blog. I thought it was a brilliant idea. So guess who I decided to merge with?

That’s right. *drumroll* @Sirkastiq

I spoke to him about it, and he bought the idea.

Technically, I’m not even closing the blog, I’m simply moving to a new address. I shall also be moving with my blog content so there’s no need to worry. All the posts, the comments and what not will still be on the TSC blog.

Does this work for everybody? Let me know if you have any questions/objections. You enemy of progress.

Technicalities like “Will my subscribers become his subscribers too?” will have to be answered by WordPress…or time.

Ya! So, we’re moving. (We also have @TheGreyGenesis on board. Together, the three of us shall rule the world! And our 2D notebooks! Muahahahahahahaha!) We also have some stuff planned for you guys, but it’s not in my place to announce that.

Again, thank you. For everything. You guys are amazing. I really love you homosexualssapiens.

See you at TSC. I guess.


21 thoughts on “The End

  1. Awwww 😥
    *Sigh* Come, are you saying I have to bookmark yet another website? Yes, it IS rocket science ( ˘˘̯)
    Great job. You’ll always be my favourite #plentyhomo

    *Azontos all the way to TSC*


  2. Le Merger will ultimately Rock. I can just tell
    p.s Will this site be closed? I wud suggest u shudnt n maybe link it to the new ‘trio of awesomeness’ page 😉 or sth. 😀 Kudos Bruv


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