Tat Ma Name

Video Games.
Friend’s House.
These were the basic ingredients in my relationship with Koko. It was sweet, real and in your face bitches… I called him Sweat & he called me Salt, weird I know but that’s the thing about me & Koko we aren’t your next door couple. The fights were always intense & the sex was the Thriller in the Manilla, Rumble in the jungle type of shit.

His dick was my weed, my drug, my elixir, my kryptonite, my food…. I smoked a joint every morning; just wrap my lips around his joint & blow. Twitter was our playground, we laughed @ some basic people there (Oracle, Madam Nose & That Dude)…. A lot of people were jealous of us, our PDA was offensive yet interesting .
Everything was good. On point. Blissful till…….

Well, till our 2nd year anniversary, I already had it figured out:
-Ice cream ☑
-Movie (The NoteBook) ☑
-Honey ☑
-Handcuffs ☑
-Striptease ☑

Just basic stuff nothing extravagant per say. I called homeboy & told him to come over. I had on my black corset, fishnet stockings & red stripper heels. I was on the mission to make him my bitch for the day….

Koko came over & told me he had a surprise for me but I had to dress up first. I sadly dropped my imaginary whip, got dressed & we went out…

‘Is he going to propose?, OMG OMG OMG is he?’ I was trying to compose my nervousness when this nigger pulled up to a complex…. ‘Err okay, what am I doing here’ I asked myself. I looked at his face but couldn’t read shit so I decided to play along. We entered a Tattoo shop & he shouted:


I was stunned that he bought a tattoo shop for me, I was already devising a plan on how to transform it to a shoe whore house when my sweet Koko announced:

‘ We are getting Tattoos love’.

Wait what? Are you kidding me?

I looked at him with my mouth wide open & the negro continued

‘We are getting tattoos of our names, I’m gonna write your name on my chest, where will you prefer?’

I just kissed him & smiled. I told him to go begin, I stood by his side as they stencilled my name, I watched them shave the necessary part as the needles began working. I excused myself and walked out, the whole twitter ish about the girl (Handle withheld for obvious reasons) that got a tattoo of her boyfriend & got dumped later played in my head till I got into a cab.

I switched off my phone and thought about the Ice cream melting away at home (Fucking Waste)
Then Rick Ross’s Free Spirit played on the stereo. Tat my name on you so I know it’s real. Tat my motherfucking name so I know you’re an Ode… I laughed out loud_

Happy Anniversary Koko :*


18 thoughts on “Tat Ma Name

  1. Lmao…the dude is a really clueless bastard..he already had everytin going for him..I mean the next step was really make the chic his own or leave tins d way they were…which one is Tattoo my name?? D guy is an idiot…must every1 know u are sleeping with her??? Btw Laughing at some basic pple eg Oracle..lmao…laughin at how idoitic he is ,right? I do that all d tym


  2. Ishhhh. Whish kind Guy be dis. A whole tatoo, u for born children first now so we know its till death do us sideways. *sigh


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