Episode 3


Being a super hero is not all it’s jazzed out to be. Sometimes it’s a real pain in the ass. Especially when you have a superhero boyfriend who is equally as strong as you.
Sometimes I pity Aquaman. But sometimes I think he likes the pounding, cos Supes doesn’t get tired. As long as he’s getting rays from the sun, he can go on forever. And Aqua just needs water. He and Aquaman have this island in the middle of the Atlantic that no one has discovered yet. Plenty of sunshine and plenty of water. So nobody’s power ever depletes.

If these guys were human, they would have killed each other by now yo!

Imagine that they invited me for a three-some.

I want to live. Thanks.

Another downside of being a super freak is these people expect you to be all righteous n shit. (Now if I said the word “shit” during a press conference, I’ll be termed as “NSFW”. But I keep the streets safe so you can go to work right? Fuck you judgemental pricks.

No homo.

Anyway, I love my life. And my boyfriend.

And of course, my powers.

The ring always comes in handy. *sniggers* Especially when Flash isn’t around to get me off. Even though those fast hands really work magic. Anyway, I had just damaged a few minds during the career talk I had at school today. They wanted me to talk about being a super hero. They should have known better. The ring did an excellent slideshow of what it’s like to perform the Heimlich manoeuvre. They won’t be calling me again.

Just doing my bit for society.


I race back home. Can’t wait to return to my laptop because I need to download Brokeback Mountain and chat with Chyke. I’ve taken a certain liking to him. On my way I save this cute teenager from being mugged. He gives me his number. Too bad I’m not ready to go to jail for pedophilia. I’ll give this to Batman. He’s not afraid of prison.

I haven’t seen Hawk Woman in a while. A long ass while. But then again, I haven’t seen Wonder Woman either. It’s kinda like the gay aura has driven away all the oestrogen from the atmosphere and replaced it with well, testosterone-type oestrogen. I don’t get it. Aren’t women known to hang out more with gay men? Aren’t we supposed to be the ones they can relate with better? So what we take all the dick, doesn’t mean they can’t stick around to talk about stuff. You know, for once, I’d like to watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians with someone who would understand me. I haven’t seen an episode of Glee in ages because there’s no one to share it with. The ‘men’ don’t understand.

I’m crying.

Being a super hero is so hard.

I just want to go shopping dammit!


Okay guys, I missed a day two days ago, and nobody is allowing me hear word. so…as remuneration, I’m going to post something here again today at 4. You might wanna stick around. I love you homosexuals.

No homo.

Yeah. Moyo can calm her titties now. Thank you for the pressure baby.


14 thoughts on “Episode 3

  1. Hmmmmmn…..Moyo is a guy bt Terdoh calls him babe and talks abt pressure and titties. Ok dat tells us something. I reserve further comments till d end of dis Saga.


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