Episode 1


It’s been 72 years…72 goddamn sweaty years since we were created. We’ve been cooped up in this closet, and the rest of the Green Lantern squad, Superman, Batman, and the Boy Wonder (so called for his amazing blowjob skills), Aquaman, Hawkman, that sexy, flexy ass Flash, and Yours Truly have been in dire need to come out the closet and just be free goddammit! Frankly, it was getting really hot in here, the orgies were intense.

There was Superman jerking Aquaman off, the entire GL squad engaged in an 8-some, Batman holding Robin’s head tightly, and Flash had me bent over going 800 tps (thrusts per second). Don’t get me wrong, sneaking around in the Justice League cabin was fun, but we all wanted to come out the closet.

But no one was ready to make the first move.

Not even me.

Flash had just cum…for the 18th time in 12 minutes. That nigga cums way too fast. I hate when he gives me head. It’s over in seconds and I wouldn’t even have taken my pants off.

Cheeky bastard…

Anyway, he had just bust a nut, and was busy wiping off ready to go again, I told him I needed a break, and a refill of energy. In the last 3 hours, I had worn out the power in my ring using about 80% battery to form a make-shift condom for Flashy boy here and the other 20% to form a strong table-like platform for me to bend over.

Now, we had all just had the best orgy of our lives in the last one hour. Superheroes really have that stamina thing going for them. We were all extremely exhausted, but still we all just wanted to go another round.

Oblivious, I had simply stepped out to get some more Alomo Bitters. Who woulda known that the jealous bitch Wonder Woman (who just hated the fact that Superman picked Aquaman over her. But in Supe’s defence, Aquaman said he would never let him visit his under-water home if he didn’t give him handjobs daily) had arranged the press with their cameras and errthang? Everybody was waiting outside the door, everybody was expecting to see Superman, and instead, the infamous Green Lantern comes out of the closet.


…with a Green Lantern Limited Edition tube of lube…

…and a dildo.

Where is Flash when you need him?
Oh yeah. He closed the fucking door behind me. Thanks a lot..


“Mr Alan Scott! This way! Smile for the camera”

“Mr Scott! We just saw you come out of the closet! Do you have any statement to make?”

“Mr Scott! When did you discover you were a homo faggot?”

“Mr Alan Scott! Are there any more homosexuals in there with you?”

“Yo faggot! You really think sucking dick is better than eating some pussy? Leave that for the bitches yo!”

At that point, I don’t know what happened to me, but I blurted out “I’m a man fool! I got a dick! You really think I wouldn’t know how to work it better than the bitches who ain’t got none?”

The press members furiously start penning shit down.

A voice from inside the closet went “Preach!”

Musta been Batman.

Why aren’t you out here with me? Huh? Pussy.

“I would really like to get back in the closet now guys, thank you”, I say, turning around to head back into the closet.

“Hey, if Superman is in there, tell him he hasn’t finished his homework, and he’s supposed to help me with the dishes. Also, there’s been an earthquake in Turkey”, Wonder Woman says to me.

And Superman goes; “Bitch, you lying! I’m listening to some of the voices in Turkey right now! Ain’t nothing but blue skies and sexy men frolicking on the beach in nothing but their und…wait. I’ll be right out!” and a wave of blue light streaks across the room.

I secretly hope a camera caught him as I shut the door behind me.


21 thoughts on “Episode 1

    1. Spidey’s a Marvel Character. I’m limited to DC Comics characters. Sadly.

      I’d have liked to play around with the Avengers and the X-Men. But I don’t make the rules.


  1. God Lord, son, uve gone bonkers… Way above anyones league… No No, I won’t associate (noHomo) with you anymore… I don’t want this kinda looney. :o( Goodbye, Forever!


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