Karma For The Karmasutra

Apparently, it’s Short Story Day in Africa. This isn’t exactly a short story, but fuck it. It’s a story. This is something a friend of mine sent me a while back.

Do not enjoy.

The clock strikes 8.

Joe is late again. He takes forever to get ready and every time we need to go out I have to tell him at least 3 hours before time. He takes good care of himself, but what the hell?! He’s taking too damn long!

She is walking towards me. I’ve never noticed her like this but her body looks extremely alluring in the dim light. She is wearing a simple top, and apparently nothing under,because I can see her nipples giving directions and my brain cells can’t seem to know which to follow. She notices my confusion at her ‘sudden beauty’ and she smiles.

“You know, you can always say hello. I won’t find it rude”

“Hello Ono”

“Really, I wasn’t talking about me. I was talking about my nipples, but yeah, hello”

“Well then, Hello ladies”

She sits astride me and I can feel her nipples press hard against my chest. I feel her hot breath on my neck, and as my fingers wander, I discover she really is completely nude under the shirt. At this point, all the blood in my cranium heads south like birds in the winter.

“You’ve been looking pretty tense since your parents’ divorce. How about I help you get rid of some of that stress?” she said.

“We’ve been through this, Ono. I can’t have anything to do with you. Not ever. And especially not when your brother is directly above us”

“Why? Don’t you find me attractive?”

“You know I do. But see this thing about the bro code”

“Fuck the bro code. And do the same to me. Right now”

“Ono, I really can’t-“

And her lips are on mine, cutting me off mid-sentence, cutting off the blood supply to my brain, and cutting off all sense of decorum I had. I had always wanted her, badly. And here she was. Nothing was stopping me from having the pleasure I so desperately craved. Nothing would.
She is on her knees, taking off my belt buckle, taking out my member, and taking me in her mouth. The warmth sends spasms across my body and I swear I see two unicorns skip happily across the room. And just when it’s getting really good, she looks up, and says:

“My brother’s coming. Saturday, 8pm, your place. You better be free.”

She gets up, and walks out giggling to herself, and my zipper conceals my massive boner just in time for Joe to come out.

“Let’s go”, he said.

“Took you long enough, faggot”

“How about you bring yo’ mamma over and we disprove that accusation?”

“Fuck you”

“Who’s the faggot now? Oh, and by the way, you mom asked me to drop a few things for your sister over, so mind if we stop by at your crib and drop ‘em?”

“Sure, no biggie”


The clock strikes 8.

I open the door just before she knocks. I had watched her walk up to my porch and I had felt my pants grow a bulge in her direction like a magnetic attraction. She stands before me and wraps her arms around me. She has never looked more beautiful. Must be the night light…

“Look boy, I’m not here to have a drink, or watch a movie. I don’t even want to engage in small talk. I want you inside me, right now”

The time it took for the EM waves to relay the message from my ear drums to my brain was about the amount of time it took for my lips to merge with hers, and for our clothes to find the floor. We are in a wild frenzy, a blur of hands and faces, and no one exists at this moment but her. She goes from being under my control, to being in control, to spinning my world out of control.

As we lie spent in each other’s arms, with joy in my heart, satisfaction in my groin, and fear in my head, I voice my trepidation.

“Joe isn’t going to know about any of this, is he?”, I asked.

“Are you going to tell him?”


“Is he psychic?”


“Then how the heck is he going to know about this? It’s between you and I baby”

And then she kisses me and starts the dance all over again…


The clock struck 8.

Joe’s car backed out of the driveway, swerved right past me, into the street and out of sight. I coulda sworn he saw me, but why hadn’t he at least stopped to holler? I turned around and walked into the compound, to meet my mom in the garage and I could not but overhear her end of the phone conversation…

“Are you going to tell him?

“Is he psychic?

“Then how the heck is he going to know?

“You panic too much…

“We’ll talk later. Bye”

I brace up to ask her for permission to drive the Porsche.

“Hey ma, I was just wondering if I could borrow the car for…“

“Oh take it. Hold on, I have a call”


“Haha! Baby Teni! Boy, do I have gist for you!

“Yes, it’s about a man…

“Ha! You’re so full of jokes.

“Hold on a minute…

“What are you standing there for? The keys are on the dressing table in my room. Go.”

“Yeah, where were we? Oh yeah…there’s this guy…”

There is this happiness about her that makes her look like a newlywed bride. She’s glowing. The kind of glow I saw during the period when she was cheating on my father. The kind of glow that only comes from having really good sex…

…but with whom…?
Oh God!


17 thoughts on “Karma For The Karmasutra

  1. Oops! The brother is worried about screwing his friend’s sister when his friend is busy screwing his mother! Na dat one worse pass sef. Ghen ghen!


    1. Chinny has a bingo.

      (BTW, EM waves transmit light. Waves from outside to ear are sound waves and from ear to brain are electrochemical. Besides that, cool story. Very very cool)


  2. Ooooh Nice!!
    First thing I thought when I saw the post was,”Not short at all >:|” Now, I just want more 😦

    “Fuck the bro code. And do the same to me. Right now” ♥♥♥


  3. “How about you bring yo’ mamma over and we disprove that accusation?”… Or I could just drive over to her place…


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