Sunny Day?


A day expected to be bright and chirpy, as the name implies. A day an entire nation was enveloped by a blanket of gloom. A day death visited and ravaged our homes, leaving in its wake shock, tears, rubble and bodies. A day we would not forget in a hurry.

We at TSC do not intend to reopen the wounds or dig deeper to worsen the pain. We however (for posterity sake) wish to pass on our sincere condolences to all who lost someone in the Bauchi bombings or the crash of Dana flight 997. Our hearts go out to you in these moments. We know that words may not suffice, “it is well” makes no sense, “He knows best” brings with it no soothing effect whatsoever. What can we say to alleviate the pain of those hurting?

Probably nothing.

The eyes have to be heavy, the tears have to drop. Family members gone, some in numbers. Bread winners, spouses, kids. All with no inkling of what lay ahead. Plenty questions arise “what ifs?” “Had I knowns?” Questions that will not be answered probably up until the day we all stand to answer the questions of our own lives.

Theories abound, the cause of the disasters. Boko Haram probably running amok as usual, a 27 year old plane still plying the skies. Probes will commence, committees will be set up, a president will cry, excavations done, still none, NONE of these will bring back the lives lost. None of these will answer the questions of the kids “where is daddy/where is mummy”, None of these will stop that wife (now widow at 22) from dialing her husbands phone, hoping it’ll connect and he’ll pick. All these won’t make the families close their eyes without images of their loved ones steady infiltrating their thoughts.

Where do we start?

Ground the whole Dana airlines? Oh sure, as this will totally eradicate future air mishaps on other flights. Make an example of them so others will learn, we are quick to say. If I’ve learnt anything, it’s not to make decisions in moments of anger as these decisions most often turn to regrets.
How do we solve the bombings? Go head on and destroy Boko Haram? I honestly do not know.

For now, it goes beyond all of us trying to out do each other with our ‘solutions’ It goes beyond us all realizing that we have the spirit of activism which we never knew existed. It goes beyond apportioning blame and deciphering whose head should go on the chopping board.

Think about this: If you were lost on that flight, in that house or in Bauchi, what would your priority be now?

Would you care whose fault caused the loss of your life? Would you care for ‘revenge?’ I strongly doubt it. Your ‘concern’ will be for those you left behind. That child that you’ll never hold again, that wife you kept your “till death do us part” vow to. Those parents you promised to take care of…
In the blink of an eye, In moments we can’t calculate, many were taken from us. Not just those whose lives were lost but also those who live but whose ‘reason for living’ is no more. Dreams aborted, plans thwarted, promises disjointed.

Our concern should be to help the victims pull their lives back together as this would be the wishes of their lost ones. Put a smile again on their faces. We can’t replace their lost ones but we can help them get by daily making the pain less. Let us say prayers and help in action. Provide shelter for those now homeless in Iju, Provide a home for the kids now orphans. We can’t fill in the gaps but we can quit pointing fingers and help these families through this grief. (And point fingers later)

I stumbled on this poem by Ron Trammer on It brought some consolation, hope it does for you too.

Broken Hearts
by:  Ron Tranmer ©

Although hearts are breaking
at the loss of one so dear,
we know that God is with us.
We feel His presence near.

He knows how great our sorrow.
His Son died on earth too.
It was here He suffered all
for love of me and you.

Death has no sting, it only means
our loved one is set free,
to joyfully return back home again
and wait for you and me..

R.I.P to all lost, R.I.P. Chris Okocha.. Friend and Brother.



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