The Beginning.

Basically, you guys probably hate me. Cos I say I’m going to do something then I turn around and do the other. I haven’t been very faithful in posting on this blog, and between writing for other blogs (cos I’m selfless like that) and writing for money, I haven’t been thinking much of my blog. So I have resorted to what all desperate bloggers do when they need traffic.

Nude pictures…

I’m kidding. That…however is a great idea. I wonder why I didn’t think of that earlier.

So! *claps hands together in glee*

This is the beginning, (if you didn’t already see that in the blog link that sent you here), and boy have I got some stuff for you! Since I haven’t been exactly faithful in delivering weekly, I’ve decided to go for the overkill and post everyday for the next 30 days. Or 31…whatever.

This should be fun. Let’s see how many people will get bored and unsubscribe by the end of the month. There will be a head count.

Yeah, this is how it goes:

  • First Two and a half Weeks dedicated to celebrating total hardcore badasses and unsung heroes of our time (Category: The Chronicles of Awesomeness)
  • Last One and a half Weeks dedicated to stuff that’s supposed to be funny (Category: Attempted Funny), and Stories (Category: Stories That Touch)…no really guys, the stories will touch.
So, every day at 12pm, there’ll be a post here for you guys. And on Sundays, it’ll be at 3. So all of you would have come back from church and what not.

Also, there’s gonna be an awful shitload of guest blogging cos lazy man like me cannot write 30 freaking posts. Do I look like Wana? I’ll have some of those popular people you like on here so I can be popular too.

Hehehe! Yeah, no post today. Lazy as fuck. Subscribe though…and enjoy!

May the force be with you. Peace, Love, and doughnut-sized condoms.


24 thoughts on “The Beginning.

  1. ┐(‘⌣’┐) (┌’⌣’)┌ ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐ ┌(˘.˘)ʃ. ┐(‘⌣’┐) (┌’⌣’)┌ ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐ ┌(˘.˘)ʃ ┐(‘⌣’┐) (┌’⌣’)┌ ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐ ┌(˘.˘)ʃ. ┐(‘⌣’┐) (┌’⌣’)┌ ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐ ┌(˘.˘)ʃ. ┐(‘⌣’┐) (┌’⌣’)┌ ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐ ┌(˘.˘)ʃ (_/_) (_|_) (__) (_/_) (_|_) (__) (_/_) (_|_) (__) (_/_) (_|_) (__) (_/_) (_|_) (__) (_/_) (_|_) (__) (_/_) (_|_) (__) (_/_) (_|_) (__)


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