Episode 4 (Finale)

The time has come, once again, for all super heroes to come together and have a head count. I don’t have to go into the closet anymore since I came out on the 31st, but the others do. And I can’t pass out on that amount of fun, so fuck it! Imma be in there like my daddy’s will.

Wait…I have no daddy.

Actually, I think I have two.

Anyway, I’m just going in there to watch, because everyone has a partner but me. Flash isn’t here, he’s still in the future. I wonder if he’s ever coming back. It’s been two weeks now. It’s not like it’s supposed to be a vacation or something.

The bad thing about running to the future is that it always changes when he comes back. Because he doesn’t make the same mistakes he made, and he makes better decisions. Now, as this may be good for him, it’s not exactly awesome for the rest of us that this paradox affects.

Ah fuck it, we’re all gonna die anyway.

I look at my GL Limited Edition holographic watch that I won at the Suck-A-Dick Get-A-Souvenir fair we at Green Lantern HQ had last summer, and it’s almost time for the orgy, so I rush to get into the closet before Supe seals it shut.

While the other ‘role models’ take positions and start getting their freak on, I recline on the bean chair and flip open my camcorder.

What? You really think I would let moments of super great sex like this pass me by without having memories for future generations to see? Bitch please…

With the camera on an oval slab floating in mid-air powered by my ring, I flip open the pages of Playboy (Homo Edition) and close my eyes. A steam of green smoke puffs out of my ring and a giant lubricated hand forms from the mist.

Fuck yeah…

While the pages flip through and I pause at the center-piece to marvel at the beauty within, I hear a small vibration coming from behind me. We all hear it. And everybody pauses for a minute. We’ve all heard that sound before. That’s the sound that Flash makes when he’s vibrating his body molecules so he can walk through walls whenever….


FLASH IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The other super heroes just return about their normal business like ain’t nothing happened, but shit, I’ve missed this fast talking bitch. I try to hug him, but my erection is in the way. Then he smiles, reaches over, and I start cumming.


Cheeky bastard.

He says he wants to give me some good news, so I put on pants and walk out of the closet holding hands with him.

“I went to the future”
“I’m gay”
“I thought you were saying stuff we already knew, so I decided to join in”
“Nigga shut the fuck up and listen to me. Look, these times aren’t really great for us faggots. People haven’t accepted us the way they’re supposed to. You still get tomatoes and shit thrown at you on the street…”
I made a face.
“I didn’t mean that literally dawg. Anyway, I’m trying to say people won’t appreciate you right now. Their mindset isn’t ready for this, they are still too myopic to understand that it’s not really your fault that you like it up the ass so much.”
“Okay, so what do you suggest we do?”
“Run away with me”
“Bitch, this isn’t Titanic.”
“I’m serious. Come with me to the future. You should see the way you’re treated in 2184. You’re a freaking Super Hero!”
“I’m a freaking super hero now man!”
“Yeah, but there, you’re treated with respect. Trust me man, we’re better off there. I can even come out the closet with you”
“How do you suggest we do that? I can’t fly as fast as you can run”
“Don’t be dumb. I’ll carry you as easily as you could carry the Empire State Building in a fit of anger”
“Fine. I’ll go with you…
“But wait. Is this why you’ve not come back since forever? You’ve been having fun with me?”
“In my defense, futuristic you is very good. He taught me this thing called the Cop’s Delight. We should try it sometime”
“Yeah, whatever hoe”.

And with that, I get on his back and we ride off into the sunset.

No homo.

The End.

Toasted (Throwback)

This is not funny. This shit actually happened.

One fateful day, I was walking down ma street. Cool breeze, nice weather, it was the kind of day when nothing could go wrong. (Apparently, whenever you have one of those days, just stay at home. Will ya?) Anyway, I was walking down the street when I got approached by this hot “chick”.

Yup. Not the other way around. I got approached. #NoJoke

And “she” went, “I think you’re really cute, and we should get together sometime. Might be worth your while. How about tomorrow night?”

I was startled. Ma jaw wide open, I didn’t know what to tell “her”. I mean, this “girl” was damn fine. The kind I’ll not have the cohonas to approach, asking me on a date.

“She” smiled and went; “gimme a call, here’s my number.”

Then “she” pulled up ma shirt sleeve, took lipstick from “her” purse, and wrote down “her” number on ma fore-arm.

I felt molested and exalted at the same time. I just got toasted by a hot “female”, I mean, how many guys get to say that. But “she” just wrote “her” number down on ma arm. In lipstick! That was unorthodox.

Anyway, the next day, I called “her”. Using ma sexiest masculine tone, and asked “her” where we should meet. “she” gave me an address, I got ready, and went to “her” crib.

So I get up to the chick’s crib, which isn’t too far from mine, “she” welcomes me, asks me to feel at home, and offers me a drink.

Now, many of my friends have drugged girls that happened to stroll into their domot. I forgot that in this situation, I was the girl. In more ways than one, as I was soon to find out.

“She” brought the drinks and we toasted to new friendship. Ah! Had I known.

Here comes the good part. “she” sits on ma lap, and we start kissing. 5 minutes later, we moved on to touching. Next thing, we’re in 3rd base.

“She” takes off the buttons on ma shirt, and unbuckles my belt. Then “she” kneels on the floor, brings out ma dick, and literally blows my mind.

I’m ecstatic! Feeling like a female Preying Mantis. Best head I’ve ever had!

This is where things get a little confusing. A little.

“She” gets up, wipes “her” lips, unbuckles “her” own belt, and whips out a dick that’s bigger than mine, and says in the most masculine voice I’ve ever heard;

“Your turn bitch!”


I know you’ve been wondering why the words “she”, “girl”, “her” and “female” have been in quotes since.

Well, now you know.

Apparently, I was about to have sex with a she-male. But enough about me let’s get back to the story.

“Your turn bitch!”

I scream!!!!!! Then I pull up ma pants and make for the door!

“She” is faster!

“She” grabs hold of ma legs and says; “you aint going nowhere bitch! I didn’t just blow you for fun, you better get on your knees and toss my salad.”

At this point, I am frantic! I begin to kick and push and shove and yell;

“I am nobody’s bitch! I will not toss ur salad! I am not sucking anyone’s dick!! No way! No way!!”

“She” is really strong. “she” overpowers me and strips me naked, and just as “she” is about to stick “her” 7-inch dick in ma asshole, I wake up!

I sat on the floor. Drenched in sweat. Happy it was just a dream, happy that my butt-crack hadn’t been expanded beyond Pluto, happy I didn’t actually just get blown by a “girl”, just plain happy. Till I looked around me.

There are broken bottles and lamps, and vases in the room, and Tedo was standing at the door of the room with a camcorder and a wicked smile.

Tedo: Nigga! Gay ass negro! You dreaming about dropping the soap? Was this one in black and white too?

Me: yeah.

Tedo: You gonna blog about it?

Me: no.

Tedo: *closes cam* Too bad. Now I have to upload this vid on you-tube.

so this is me, blogging about ma third white-and-black dream. Hoping it will stop him from uploading that shameful video of a grown ass man begging to be nobody’s bitch.

Ps: I am not gay. 😐


This is a throwback post I did on my first blog. I’m not sure many people read this post, so I decided to bring it back like a…

Yeah. Really good metaphor.

Anyway, this is the end of the series. I guess. (I’m supposed to finish my Green Lantern Series and by Merlin’s beard I will! Feck y’all! ( ˘˘̯)

I have a big announcement to make tomorrow. So you may want to hang around. Maybe.

See y’all tomorrow.

Tat Ma Name

Video Games.
Friend’s House.
These were the basic ingredients in my relationship with Koko. It was sweet, real and in your face bitches… I called him Sweat & he called me Salt, weird I know but that’s the thing about me & Koko we aren’t your next door couple. The fights were always intense & the sex was the Thriller in the Manilla, Rumble in the jungle type of shit.

His dick was my weed, my drug, my elixir, my kryptonite, my food…. I smoked a joint every morning; just wrap my lips around his joint & blow. Twitter was our playground, we laughed @ some basic people there (Oracle, Madam Nose & That Dude)…. A lot of people were jealous of us, our PDA was offensive yet interesting .
Everything was good. On point. Blissful till…….

Well, till our 2nd year anniversary, I already had it figured out:
-Ice cream ☑
-Movie (The NoteBook) ☑
-Honey ☑
-Handcuffs ☑
-Striptease ☑

Just basic stuff nothing extravagant per say. I called homeboy & told him to come over. I had on my black corset, fishnet stockings & red stripper heels. I was on the mission to make him my bitch for the day….

Koko came over & told me he had a surprise for me but I had to dress up first. I sadly dropped my imaginary whip, got dressed & we went out…

‘Is he going to propose?, OMG OMG OMG is he?’ I was trying to compose my nervousness when this nigger pulled up to a complex…. ‘Err okay, what am I doing here’ I asked myself. I looked at his face but couldn’t read shit so I decided to play along. We entered a Tattoo shop & he shouted:


I was stunned that he bought a tattoo shop for me, I was already devising a plan on how to transform it to a shoe whore house when my sweet Koko announced:

‘ We are getting Tattoos love’.

Wait what? Are you kidding me?

I looked at him with my mouth wide open & the negro continued

‘We are getting tattoos of our names, I’m gonna write your name on my chest, where will you prefer?’

I just kissed him & smiled. I told him to go begin, I stood by his side as they stencilled my name, I watched them shave the necessary part as the needles began working. I excused myself and walked out, the whole twitter ish about the girl (Handle withheld for obvious reasons) that got a tattoo of her boyfriend & got dumped later played in my head till I got into a cab.

I switched off my phone and thought about the Ice cream melting away at home (Fucking Waste)
Then Rick Ross’s Free Spirit played on the stereo. Tat my name on you so I know it’s real. Tat my motherfucking name so I know you’re an Ode… I laughed out loud_

Happy Anniversary Koko :*


There comes a stage in every man’s life where he reflects on what he has done with the billions of seconds he has spent on earth, and if he hasn’t been very useful to his generation in at least his own little way, he starts to have a mid-life crisis. This usually occurs between the ages of 40 and 50. And for highly ambitious people, it happens in their mid 30s. I had mine at 12.

Where am I going with this?

If Nigeria was a man, he probably had a mid-life crisis about a decade ago. Probably works for the civil service, has about 5 children, hates his job, and hates himself. He comes back home every night and demands for food that he didn’t supply the money for, can’t properly make love to his wife because he’s past his prime, can’t afford to give his children the finer things in life, and can’t even look in the mirror because his own reflection shakes its head in pity.


Let’s face it guys, considering its potential, Nigeria is a 51-year-old under-achiever going on 52 with no apparent goals or objectives in sight. Nigeria has given up on its future and has resigned to its fate. Frankly speaking, its citizens aren’t really bothered about what goes on in government and as long as the common man can find his daily Agege bread and beans, he is content. But what happens when the poor have nothing left to eat but the rich? Suya becomes a delicacy in some parts.

I would be stating the obvious by saying there are problems that need to be fixed. Problems that had they been taken care of long ago, the economy would be booming so badly, the neighbouring countries would not be able to stand the odour.

Our major resource in this country is Crude oil. The petroleum business is still a gold mine, and even with the illegal bunkering and smuggling going on, it’s still a multi-billion dollar organisation. But it is rapidly depleting. Isn’t it time we took a cue from a country like Dubai and focused our awareness on other sectors of the economy that would bring us income? In the next half century, the oil will be dwindled, and then what? Are we thinking of our future or our pockets?

There are so many other sectors to focus on. Government after government has made promise after promise and we have seen no more improvement in the economy other than an improvement in the budget that allows a single individual to feed on 1,000,000,000 naira in 365 days; a sum which amounts to about 2,740,000 daily.

But that’s cool. We can afford to buy rice and fish so we’re fine.

The power sector is a mess. A man cannot start a business that is run by electricity successfully without buying a backup generator for his main generator. There is hardly enough food to go round the economy, our locally made Ofada rice costs more than the imported rice yet we fold our arms and play ludo each evening like nothing is wrong. The roads leave your car looking like it was attacked by other disgruntled cars and left for dead and the goods transported on these roads leave home looking healthy and arrive looking like they’re in dire need of medical attention.

Yet our president has a feeding budget that could comfortably provide for a small village for 25 years? And nothing has been done about it? Is something not wrong with our psychology?

Let’s focus on the issue of agriculture. Now I’m not saying I have the solution for it, but I’m saying I have a solution for it. The solution, my dear readers is our very own National Youth Service Corps; NYSC.

Just hear me out.

I am a serving corps member and as much as I’d love the scheme to be scrapped so we can stop being exploited and under-utilised and under-paid for our services, I have come to the conclusion that the government is never going to scrap it. The simple reason behind this is the fact that they are making way too much money from it. A short example would be the uniform of the corps members which at a glimpse can be observed to be worth no more than 10,000 naira per head. (Some would say this is an overstatement). But the contract allocated provides the sum of 70,000 naira for each corps member’s apparel. Deduct and multiply and let your mind be blown at the amount of profit the contractors are making from this scheme. People, NYSC is here to stay.

Since we’re not going to scrap it, how about we put it into good use then? Send the corps members to the farms. Now I know how hard it is, and how difficult it appears to ask graduates of Computer Science or Accounting to take cutlasses and hoes to plough a strip of land, but what if it’s mechanised? They can apply their expertise to various areas of farming.

Think about it, there’s a one year compulsory service where corps members of each state are given acres of land dedicated to farming; mechanised farming. There’s a steady influx of labour, and please, you can’t afford to be paying them N19,800 and expecting them to skip around merrily working for you. Increase the minimum wage; provide tractors and farms for each state; and make it mandatory.

In less than two years, there will be a transformation in the agricultural sector. You will discover that every single course that is being studied in Nigerian universities will apply n one way or the other to the sector, because it’s on a factory scale.

Of course it’s easier said than done, but believe it or not, those who see profit in it (say 30%…let’s be realistic) will be willing to stay in the business and help make it improve. T’s not like there is an abundance of jobs available in today’s labour market in the first place.

Understand that this is simply a suggestion, and as feasible as it is, the same way generator retailers will do their best to make sure there is never 24 hours electricity supply in the country, those who are looking for cheap labour and those making money from various sectors of the NYSC scheme will work to make sure the status quo isn’t tampered with, but for how long are we going to play the sitting duck and not do anything about our depleting economy?

The time to do something about anything is yesterday. I suggest we start now.

Shitty Business

I must say growing up was fun. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t entirely fun back then but now, when you sit back relaxed with a hot cup of molten choco milo and reflect on the past, you actually realise it was fun – sometimes, I’m even honest to myself to admit i miss it.

Whenever I’m struck with such memories, its the ones with me in nursery and primary school that get me laughing a lot. Come on, you can’t tell me you never covered your ass with ur hand, farted and used the same hand to cover ur classmates nose. Or stuck pencils on a friend’s chair and waited for ‘her’ to sit down. Or eaten your meal so early in the morning before your friends come, so you can lie to them that you forgot it at home so they can share theirs. Or…………. Should I go on?

Hey, don’t give me that look.


Other things I often remember are the things we were taught in nursery class. I’m talking about the rules we had to follow, etiquettes, we were taught to show courtesy at all times, to pray before eating, to sleep when told to, never to tell lies even if it meant us getting into trouble, to always trust our elders;

“Tobe, did you do your assignment today?”


“Come on tell me, you know I won’t beat you”

“I didn’t do it”

I still have the scars.


But come to think of it, these things they were actually trying to teach us back then, while we thought they were just being mean to us, were quite helpful. I remember specifically how we used to stand up and recite this ‘welcome greeting’ in nursery class every time a parent/teacher/headmistress came in.

“Goodmooooooooooorning Ma/Sir….. You are welcome to nursery 2A. God bless you Ma/Sir, Amen. Thank You.”

It was compulsory that any time someone much older than you walked in, you were to show your full respect by standing up and warming the person into the room, with your charm of course. Even if the person was so hideously looking and all you could think of was a crucifix and some garlic to chase the person away, you still had to pray for them. (That’s where the ‘God Bless You’ part comes in)

What our nursery school teachers failed to do, was to tell us this particular courtesy doesn’t apply in all cases – there are some instances you can’t just stand up and say hi… Fuck the rules!

What you are going to read happened in a small village called Nkwerre, in Nigeria of course…way back in the 1990s. 1994 to be precise.

On the fateful year, my parents decided that I should spend some time with my maternal uncle’s family back in the village who was a popular trader. My uncle and my aunt considered me as that ‘City Boy’ who needed a lot of help to adjust to life in Nkwerre and they tried their very best to make my 15day stay comfortable. Unfortunately, they couldn’t help me with one thing… Back then, houses in Nkwerre didn’t have toilets.


You read it right…

They didn’t have toilets. The folks in Nkwerre were so busy working that they found allocating space to toilets, an unnecessary wastage.

So as a result, my uncle’s house also didn’t have a toilet.

Within 30 minutes of landing in their house, I asked: “Uncle, toilet?”

“Number one or number two?” He enquired.

“Please Uncle, tell me,” I replied embarrassed.

“Son, it depends. Tell me…number one or number two?”

“”Hmm…number one.”

“Just head out to that little shed down there, wait for it to be empty. The best times for this is between 2pm to 4 pm”

“Whattttt?” I just couldn’t believe my ears, and eyes, at what he was pointing at.

My uncle smiled.

“Don’t worry, we have a better arrangement for number two.”

I could see that he was confident that his solution for number two was better than that for number one.

“And what if it were number two?”

“Hmm…in that case, here take this ₦5 note and head straight for the Anthony Road, the very next street…they have a public toilet there. Tell the guy sitting outside that its number two and give him this ₦5 and he will allow you inside.”

“Whattttt?” Again, I just couldn’t believe my ears.

Fate had struck twice within the span of 30 seconds. And struck at my genitals…it wasn’t going to be easy getting up.

With a heavy heart, I walked out of the house, onto the next shed and waited for it to be empty (it was a long wait)…and then emptied my bladder. The moment I was back, my uncle, aunt and their three children were waiting to ask me how it went. To add insult to injury, they were smiling.

That day, I didn’t drink too much water …but still had to rush out at 7pm. It was a little easier. At around 8pm, it struck me that I should also be worried about the next day morning. What about number two? So, I had a very light dinner…it surprised my aunt that a boy my age had such bad appetite. But I wasn’t willing to risk emptying my bowels in my trouser.

At 11 pm, I managed to sleep off the fear. But it was back again when I got up at 7am. I moved around the house slowly…lest I trigger some bowel movements. I refused the tea my aunt gave me saying I wasn’t into drinking tea. She couldn’t believe it…but I was adamant.

At 6.30 am, my uncle said I could accompany him to the public toilet. The whole distance I tried to maintain a balanced walk, lest I triggered any intestinal movements. I tried not to laugh at my uncle’s jokes, which tend to upset him a bit…but I didn’t care. Honour before anything else.

My first public toilet experience was a huge success. I was in and out in less than two minutes. The man who collected money smiled when he saw me return and asked me to come back the next day – and why not, after all it is the two-minute customers like me whom he would prefer for a bountiful business.

The next day my uncle didn’t accompany me. I would ask my uncle for ₦5 and walk out of the house on my daily chore….it was that simple. The next three days went well…in fact I had started to enjoy the new experience. It was all fine, I told myself. Or at least that is what I thought.

But on the fourth day tragedy struck…the moment I came out of the toilet after spending my ₦5, my stomach started mumbling again and I had this urge to go back immediately.

“Hi Sir, I just paid you ₦5 and came out early. Can I go again please?”

“No! For ₦5 there is only one entry. To enter again, you need to pay me another ₦5.”

I wouldn’t say I walked back with a heavy heart…it was in fact heavy bowels that I walked back home with, asked my uncle for another ₦5 and walked all the way back to the public toilet to relieve myself. I came back to my uncle’s house a dejected boy…and also, a boy who had understood the importance of ₦5.

This went on for a few days (I had started going there with ₦10, just in case). During a casual chat with my uncle, I asked him:

“Is this the only place one can go to?”

“No…there are couple of other options as well. But I thought you might not be so adventurous.”

This pricked my ego so I replied: “You haven’t tried me yet, uncle.”

He continued looking into his papers and said: “OK then, be ready at 6am. I would suggest you eat a light dinner.”

The next day we took off at about 6.15 am for an adventurous dump taking. Once I started asking questions, I came to know that we were going to a almost dried up lake in the outskirts of the village. We were to take a dump in the lake, wash up in the yet-to-dry parts of the lake and come back home.

As luck would have it, this lake was 3kms away and I was tired by the time we reached. But when we reached, it was heavenly….a wide expanse of dried up land with little bushes sprinkled all around. Once we were almost in the middle of the dried up lake, my uncle advised me to take a spot behind one of the bushes and relieve myself. The very next moment, he vanished…. probably behind some bushes.

I looked around, found a thickset bush, went behind it and squatted. The next two minutes were very peaceful…nobody in sight, just the chirruping of the birds. Just when I was about to get up I heard some women talking and the voices grew louder with time. I tried to place where they were coming from….and it was from right behind me.

I had two choices – stay put and pretend nothing happened or get up and stand right in the middle of nowhere, greet them while I pretend I was doing something else. I could have easily said I was Weeding the bushes. Or looking for my aunty’s lost earring. Or following the trails left by an animal, probably a mammoth.

Or just claim to be picking beans.

“Where’s is the beans?”

I planted them some days ago but not everyone can see them because they were magic beans an old woman gave me.

I chose the first option.

Now the voices were really close…and that’s when I heard: “Why won’t he get up? He is still sitting there. Has he no respect?”

They were talking about me!

But I stubbornly held my ground…now they were probably 15meters behind me.

Within seconds I could see them from the corner of my right eye. My nursery school teacher hadn’t advised me on the appropriate behaviour in such instances. The stench coming from beneath me was suicidal. But I held my ground…I continued to sit. For psychological comfort, I even closed my eyes.

I heard one woman ask the other: “Do you think he is blind?”

The other replied: “Even if he was blind, I am sure he can hear us. Or is he is both blind and deaf?”

Now I didn’t need to look through the corner of my eye – I could see them through the bushes. But I continued to hold my ground.

Before they disappeared, the first woman told the second: “Children of now a days have no respect…can’t they get up when they see women approaching? Nonsense! If he were my child I would have beaten his destiny out of him.”

Now I knew why the women were upset…but it was too late to get up.

I think it was a mini heart attack or a nervous breakdown, all I remember was gravity taking over and something warm and uncomfortable welcoming me.


Fairy Fails

I was sitting around doing my daily Rounds of meditation, and a few thoughts crept into my subconscious and opened my mind to things that you homo sapiens have otherwise been oblivious to. You people have been in the dark for far too long yo!

Never fear. Cumical’s here.

I shall further proceed to enlighten you. It’s bad enough that you have no idea about the origins of the childhood stories you grew up to. And yet you stay eating food and breathing air like nothing is wrong! There are subconscious messages in the average storybook, and y’all niggas don’t see this shit?

Tsk tsk. *lights blunt*

Listen close.

We shall begin with by far the most obvious sex scandal of all time. Subtly hidden in the title I might add. I wonder why no one has seen this.

-Little Red Riding Hood
This skank red-haired ho here be wearing red pumps and lingerie, skipping through the forest merrily, looking for some dick.

Yo! Red is by far the worst ho since Snow White.

But that’s a story for another day.

Ain’t no damn wolf in this love story. Shiiit.

Remember Robin Hood? Steal-from-the-rich give-to-the-broke-ass-bitches Robin Hood? Real nigga with the bows and arrows and the really strong hands, and about four hunnid faggots all up in his grill ‘n’ shit? Yeah, that’s the nigga we’re gonna be shedding some light on.

Huddle up niggas. Huddle up.

So Red be doing her daily dick survey yeah? Robin Hood be setting traps for rich niggas in the forest n shit. Red be going “Damn, he fine” skipping merrily t’wards the nigga with her titties all bouncing and what not, goimg “Hey, what big strong hands you have”

Now Robin Hood might be a kind hearted gentleman that gives to the poor and to charity and all, but the wadn’t gon let no pussy slide, nah mean? So he gets his baritone on and goes “The better to fist you with”

Oi! Wole, Tula! Do you see what I did there? No?

Then Red goes “What a strong back you have”

Hood goes “Yeah, work’s all night too”

Red goes “What a big dick you have”

Hood goes “How the fuck did you see that?”

Red goes “Oh I seen you butt nekkid during those regular feasts o’ yours. Yeah, you be hanging that dick on your shoulder n’ shit” and the skank ho starts taking Hood’s shirt off, and his pants and gets on top of him and…

Well, Little Red (starts) Riding Hood.

Bet you didn’t know that, didya? Nah…

You’re welcome. Mortals…

Let’s move on, shall we?


Everyone knows Rapunzel was black right? If you didn’t know, then now you do. She lived in a tower with her ‘wicked grandmother’, who never let her go out, she was 18 years old, and she was blacker than Michael Jackson. And guess what other thing she had in common with MJ?

A jerry curl…

Lemme start from the beginning though! Kick some knowledge in this bitch.
Rapunzel’s ‘grandmother’ didn’t need Rapunzel’s hair to look young. She had Dr. 90210 for that shit. Naaah. Rapunzel’s mother was a lesbian yo! And she needed that young blood, that vibrant exotic body. Rapey never got any older than 18, and that was her magic. Not that she could transfer that to anybody or any absurd shit like that.

ALSO (and this is very important), Rapey had a fro. But it wasn’t on her head. It was down south on her tushie. Booyah!
I kid you not. Faggots, I kid you not.
Rapunzel’s grandmother had a standard OTIS lift that took her up and down the tower so she really didn’t need Rapey’s hair to get in and out. So really, every time she said “Rapunzel, let down your hair”, she wanted to have sex.

And believe it or not, Rapey’s vagina fro would become a jerry curl and slide all the way down, parting at the clittoris to reveal that sweet nectar.

Get it? Let down…your hair?

*crowd goes crazy*

*blushing* Shhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! You guys! I’m trying to spit wisdom.

Another thing, is that the fro had voice prompt. So the damn vagina wouldn’t open up for anybody else. So a young horny prince once noticed this shit going on, and recorded Rapey’s grandmother while she was saying “Let down your hair”, and then bust a cap in her, and saved Rapey from the bondage therein. He now had the key to the pussy which he kept locked on his iPod.

You’re welcome yo! You’re welcome.

I’ve got a couple more, but the post is already getting long, so that will be all for today. Cool? Cool. See y’all tomorrow.

Am I free now?

Episode 3


Being a super hero is not all it’s jazzed out to be. Sometimes it’s a real pain in the ass. Especially when you have a superhero boyfriend who is equally as strong as you.
Sometimes I pity Aquaman. But sometimes I think he likes the pounding, cos Supes doesn’t get tired. As long as he’s getting rays from the sun, he can go on forever. And Aqua just needs water. He and Aquaman have this island in the middle of the Atlantic that no one has discovered yet. Plenty of sunshine and plenty of water. So nobody’s power ever depletes.

If these guys were human, they would have killed each other by now yo!

Imagine that they invited me for a three-some.

I want to live. Thanks.

Another downside of being a super freak is these people expect you to be all righteous n shit. (Now if I said the word “shit” during a press conference, I’ll be termed as “NSFW”. But I keep the streets safe so you can go to work right? Fuck you judgemental pricks.

No homo.

Anyway, I love my life. And my boyfriend.

And of course, my powers.

The ring always comes in handy. *sniggers* Especially when Flash isn’t around to get me off. Even though those fast hands really work magic. Anyway, I had just damaged a few minds during the career talk I had at school today. They wanted me to talk about being a super hero. They should have known better. The ring did an excellent slideshow of what it’s like to perform the Heimlich manoeuvre. They won’t be calling me again.

Just doing my bit for society.


I race back home. Can’t wait to return to my laptop because I need to download Brokeback Mountain and chat with Chyke. I’ve taken a certain liking to him. On my way I save this cute teenager from being mugged. He gives me his number. Too bad I’m not ready to go to jail for pedophilia. I’ll give this to Batman. He’s not afraid of prison.

I haven’t seen Hawk Woman in a while. A long ass while. But then again, I haven’t seen Wonder Woman either. It’s kinda like the gay aura has driven away all the oestrogen from the atmosphere and replaced it with well, testosterone-type oestrogen. I don’t get it. Aren’t women known to hang out more with gay men? Aren’t we supposed to be the ones they can relate with better? So what we take all the dick, doesn’t mean they can’t stick around to talk about stuff. You know, for once, I’d like to watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians with someone who would understand me. I haven’t seen an episode of Glee in ages because there’s no one to share it with. The ‘men’ don’t understand.

I’m crying.

Being a super hero is so hard.

I just want to go shopping dammit!


Okay guys, I missed a day two days ago, and nobody is allowing me hear word. so…as remuneration, I’m going to post something here again today at 4. You might wanna stick around. I love you homosexuals.

No homo.

Yeah. Moyo can calm her titties now. Thank you for the pressure baby.

Episode 2



The newspaper headlines are agog with the news of my sexuality. The fanmail from the regular people has dropped considerately. And have been replaced with a lot of death threats, (really, like they could take me on my worst day) a few broken hearted messages, some encouragements from the gay community, and a whole lot of admiration from a Chyke person, a certain @Monsieur_RJ on twitter who has consistently spammed my mail box with messages of how much he admires me a lot more now that I came out the closet, how he jerks off to posters of me, how I have become his new favourite hero, and how I’m basically the reason for his existence. Flattering as that is, it makes me puke.


Why can’t you people just let me be?

I reply a few of the mails and shut my GL laptop. Really, I could use some head right now. But nooooo! There has to be an eight-headed hydra in the streets right now disrupting the peace. Superman has gone ‘fishing’ with Aquaman, There was a meeting holding in GL HQ, and the entire GL Squad was supposed to attend, but I feigned sickness cos I needed some alone time, Flash had gone to the future to see his kids. He does that all the time, soft nigga. Wonder woman went home for their bi-annual amazonian training, and Batman and Robin were…well, doing their thing in the bat cave. Whatever, I was alone. I could hear the commotion the hydra was causing, and I remembered our watch word.

“In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight”.

But evil is relative. So fuck it. The people could use some fear. That’ll teach ’em to send death threats to the people who try to protect them. I hope one of them ‘Anonymous’ hateful bashers gets eaten.

I slip the ring on and concentrate, I feel the power surge in my veins, and the faint glow of green fills the room. Then I concentrate a little more and a stream of light shoots out of the ring and forms into a human, an Adonis. Perfect. He kneels before me and takes my pants off.

I did say the ring comes in handy.

30 minutes later and I’m a streak of green light in the sky. The hydra hasn’t even done as much damage as I thought. Damn! I sigh and charge down at the monster. The green glow around my body takes a more definite oval shape with a sharp point and I slice right through the hydra’s skin. In it’s gross belly I concentrate my energy and expand my shield until the monster is blown to tiny bits.

I fall to the ground in fabulous green splendour and light.


A tomato flies across my face. Luckily for the tomato, it didn’t hit – *splat*
An even larger one lands square across my face. Of course it doesn’t come in direct contact with my skin, but just slides off my glittery armour because I’m wearing the ring, but still, I’m fuming.

“Get out of our town, faggot!”

Isn’t this evil? Should this escape my sight? I’m a human being with feelings goddammit! I think I’m going to cry.

But no! I’m a strong independent woman and I will stand my ground no matter what!
Fuck this!

I fly off in an array of christmasey lights. And there are no cheers.


Back in the Justice Lair, a few of my friends have arrived. Supes and Aqua are ‘chilling’ in the observatory, and Wonder Woman is spying in the Watch Tower, the Green Lantern Squad is on their way back, I feel them. But one person is missing. My boo.

Flash still hasn’t returned.

I miss him.

Episode 1


It’s been 72 years…72 goddamn sweaty years since we were created. We’ve been cooped up in this closet, and the rest of the Green Lantern squad, Superman, Batman, and the Boy Wonder (so called for his amazing blowjob skills), Aquaman, Hawkman, that sexy, flexy ass Flash, and Yours Truly have been in dire need to come out the closet and just be free goddammit! Frankly, it was getting really hot in here, the orgies were intense.

There was Superman jerking Aquaman off, the entire GL squad engaged in an 8-some, Batman holding Robin’s head tightly, and Flash had me bent over going 800 tps (thrusts per second). Don’t get me wrong, sneaking around in the Justice League cabin was fun, but we all wanted to come out the closet.

But no one was ready to make the first move.

Not even me.

Flash had just cum…for the 18th time in 12 minutes. That nigga cums way too fast. I hate when he gives me head. It’s over in seconds and I wouldn’t even have taken my pants off.

Cheeky bastard…

Anyway, he had just bust a nut, and was busy wiping off ready to go again, I told him I needed a break, and a refill of energy. In the last 3 hours, I had worn out the power in my ring using about 80% battery to form a make-shift condom for Flashy boy here and the other 20% to form a strong table-like platform for me to bend over.

Now, we had all just had the best orgy of our lives in the last one hour. Superheroes really have that stamina thing going for them. We were all extremely exhausted, but still we all just wanted to go another round.

Oblivious, I had simply stepped out to get some more Alomo Bitters. Who woulda known that the jealous bitch Wonder Woman (who just hated the fact that Superman picked Aquaman over her. But in Supe’s defence, Aquaman said he would never let him visit his under-water home if he didn’t give him handjobs daily) had arranged the press with their cameras and errthang? Everybody was waiting outside the door, everybody was expecting to see Superman, and instead, the infamous Green Lantern comes out of the closet.


…with a Green Lantern Limited Edition tube of lube…

…and a dildo.

Where is Flash when you need him?
Oh yeah. He closed the fucking door behind me. Thanks a lot..


“Mr Alan Scott! This way! Smile for the camera”

“Mr Scott! We just saw you come out of the closet! Do you have any statement to make?”

“Mr Scott! When did you discover you were a homo faggot?”

“Mr Alan Scott! Are there any more homosexuals in there with you?”

“Yo faggot! You really think sucking dick is better than eating some pussy? Leave that for the bitches yo!”

At that point, I don’t know what happened to me, but I blurted out “I’m a man fool! I got a dick! You really think I wouldn’t know how to work it better than the bitches who ain’t got none?”

The press members furiously start penning shit down.

A voice from inside the closet went “Preach!”

Musta been Batman.

Why aren’t you out here with me? Huh? Pussy.

“I would really like to get back in the closet now guys, thank you”, I say, turning around to head back into the closet.

“Hey, if Superman is in there, tell him he hasn’t finished his homework, and he’s supposed to help me with the dishes. Also, there’s been an earthquake in Turkey”, Wonder Woman says to me.

And Superman goes; “Bitch, you lying! I’m listening to some of the voices in Turkey right now! Ain’t nothing but blue skies and sexy men frolicking on the beach in nothing but their und…wait. I’ll be right out!” and a wave of blue light streaks across the room.

I secretly hope a camera caught him as I shut the door behind me.

SenseAble 2

This was written on Keetkat’s blog in June 2011, a follow up on a post ‘SenseAble’ http://kevinwithanl.wordpress.com/2011/05/31/senseable/ i did on mine..


*Knocks mic* Hello?! Anyone here?…Oh hi! I didn’t notice you were already on this page. Allow me introduce myself seeing as I’m the stranger in these parts. The name is @KevinWithanL. That’s pronounced Kevin with an ‘L’. I am honoured to have been invited by ‘kitkat’ to Guest blog on here…ok, ok, enough of the formal ish, that ain’t how I roll. Please bear with me as I get comfortable in my own style and delivery. Ok lets proceed, shall we?
Yes! On my last blogpost : http://kevinwithanl.wordpress.com , I wrote about how its necessary for guys to consider their total ‘package’ before proceeding to try to snap up a chic, using the 5 senses as guidelines.. Today though, I’m gonna be facing them females. Yup! Its only natural they get their own share of the whip innit? Guys can I get an “AMEN’? So fine girl, that dude you’ve been rearing butterflies for finally calls you up and sets a date and you think you should just wear cloth, enter cab/bus, get there, sit down and allow him do all the talking while you just nod and eat his money ehn? TAAAHHH!!! Have you ever been on what seemed like a totally perfect date only to discover that oga NEVER called you afterwards? I am here to help ensure that doesn’t happen again!
Lets look again at the 5 senses as they relate with the ladies…
1.SIGHT: Aunty, let me define what beautiful is as a basepoint for further discourse. Beautiful as the name implies is derived from two words: FULL of BEAUTY. However, you can only consider yourself beautiful at 6am in the morning. Do you wake up from bed and scream “Blood of Jesus!” when you look at the mirror. oh! u don’t? ok, u’re already used to yourself…Ask yourself “if someone sees me at the point of waking up, will they be able to qualify me as beautiful?” whatever your answer to this is, don’t worry…it is well. If people like Azeezat, Kemistry and Karen of (BBA) can have boyfriends, then there’s hope for you! The first thing a guy will see is your FACE! Please ladies, light make up does wonders, don’t come with your face looking like picasso’s art palette…shaved eyebrows are a NO-NO!! Fire burn the person that started the idea of replacing eyebrows with crayon, if no one has told you, let me be the first: it makes you look like plucked chickens! If you are going to do the whole fixed lashes and eyebrows and fixed eyes sef, pls make sure you don’t look like a cross between Nikki Minaj and Zizi Cardow.

Look, its the wizard of Oz…

This aspect also involves your hair, yes! We don’t really care whether it’s darling yucky, Brazilian or shuku. We cant tell the difference so don’t come and be telling us. The koko here is if your hair has reached ‘itchy’ stage, try and do something about it before we see…Hitting your head like some drug junkie is DISGUSTING! It makes you look like you’re trying to get your brain to boot…For your lips, nothing heavy, lip gloss works just fine, pls lip gloss, groundnut oil and ororo are not the same thing! Don’t make the lips cry, just wet enough to hold our gaze!
2. SMELL: what a man can do, a woman can do better, I totally agree! Yes, ladies I do! The smell of a smelling lady is epic! As in ehn… if Lazarus rose from the dead, came in contact with such a lady, he definitely will die again! Have you ever been to Oshodi market? Yes? No? ok…well, if u’ve ever bought pepper and stuff from a fat, black woman under the hot sun, the smell might not be new to you! So babes, ensure you smell nice..no your powder isn’t enough, body cream doesn’t substitute for Perfume o! Those fruity #350 perfumes do smell good, so get one and spray it! If you are on the fat side, I’ve been informed that powder between some places helps a lot too!
3. SOUND: Its no news that some ladies are very poor at conversation, you just expect the guy to talk and talk and talk. Believe me, that’s boring and your inability to engage in intellectual discourse scores you no points! Ladies, u have to know more than Africa Magic and Genevieve’s middle name, you have to know more than Beyonce’s latest song and all. We are not saying u should know who runs CNN or the latest political gist but just know a lil’ about everything..


Still concerning sounds, PLEASE no one is interested in hearing the chewing process going on in your mouth while eating, its totally gross hearing you chew, regurgitate etc, when drinking too, avoid slurping and drinking till the last contents are gone. Do you know why there is a “liquid content only” instruction? Because some will attempt to chew the bottle when done! Laughter they say is good medicine, it can however become a laxative when it comes out in disgusting forms. Have you heard some people laugh? They sound like a generator at start up, its embarrassing…ladies, giggles are cool and if you’re gonna laugh hard, try and stifle it at some point. Oh! If you are one of those that pronounce ‘LOL’ while claiming to laugh, God will punish you oh! #justSaying
For those that love killing chickens again by storing bones in your stomachs, please you can like to request for take away nylon and stuff that chicken in your bag, enjoy in bliss when you get home! As for the issue of farting, I shall be silent…
4.TOUCH: As a spill-over of some ‘ladies’ laughing patterns, there normally arises some form of physical abuse. Some people laugh so hard and then decide that they just want to slap you, I mean WTF? And their palms are like Bricklayers palms, now imagine getting slapped hard everytime a girl laughs, such torture! Anyway, moving on, guys are quick to receive signals, the frequent reaching out to touch his hand, the leaning into him at the counter when ordering, linking your hand through his, all these register on a she-likes-me level. So you shouldn’t be surprised at a reciprocative gesture from him eventually. If you don’t want any satellite experiences, don’t send out any signals.

you see that? YOU SEE THAT HAND? uhun..she likes him.

5. TASTE: Much doesn’t have to be said here, the message is simple, contact me if you want to learn the art of successful kissing. After u have passed all the previous tests and you so desperately want him to kiss you but you’re scared cos u’re a lip synching virgin. You don’t know how to bend you head, the perfect angle for the maximum output, the adequate amount of saliva to exchange etc…Lets not get into too much X-rated detail. I don’t want kitkat to kill me…
So yeah, I think my work here is done


*moonwalks out*