On a scale of 1 to BadAss

Well Aloha and welcome again. As was stated in my last post, we do have new writers and categories. This category is titled “Cool Stories of our lives” and is solely run by @TheGreyGenesis. I don’t think he needs any introduction as you must have read his debut post www.tscng.wordpress.com/coolstory  I’m just here to do this intro and won’t be in your face any further, Hopefully, this section should be up on sundays so look out for that… yeah, over to you Grey… ———————————————————————————————————————————————————– In the Name of Your Individual Village Juju(s) I Greet & Welcome you. Please take your Seats … Continue reading On a scale of 1 to BadAss

What to Write?

This is a RANT… I’ve been staring at this laptop screen for the past 45mins trying to think up something to write. The kind of guilty conscience that is catching me because I haven’t written in a while is all sorts of epic. I mean I’m not getting paid on here so why am I even feeling this way? Oh! It must be because I love you guys so much and I want to, in my own little way, put smiles on your otherwise scrawny faces. Awwww…Have you ever wondered why these bloggers think its necessary to give some sort … Continue reading What to Write?

Cool Story

Why hello good people and bienvenué to TSC. Today I’m just gonna go straight into it, we’ve got a guest post from a cool dude, cool because he tells the coolest stories around. Like his stories always get me in stitches. I was privileged to read one such on my TL and i had to snap him up sharply like Sir Alex did Chicharito. I’ll step aside and let you enjoy this piece by @TheGreyGenesis … See you on the other side ——————————————————————————————————————————— I wondered & wondered which of the ‘Jesus Take me Away’ experiences that Constitutes my small life … Continue reading Cool Story