Professor Xavier

We interrupt your daily scheduled program to bring you this disturbing exposé. This is all fiction. Or is it…? Professor Xavier’s ways have been exposed! Who is Professor Xavier you say? Well damn? Close this page and be gone from my presence. What are you doing here? Let me just say, that if you never read any comics as a child (not even Supa Strikas) then you probably grew up around child molesters and wankers. No joke. WHAT!? Anyway, for the benefit of those who might not know, (however few they might be), Professor Xavier is a Marvel Comics superhero … Continue reading Professor Xavier


*singing* “Been long you saw me, dem say everybody look for me…*chops chops mouth….for those wey no love me, don’t expect me to say sorry, something something something somethiiing..” Yeah i’m sure you catch my drift. It’s been a while huh? i know right? what do you want, a hug? Awww, tell me how much you’ve missed me and i just might do an upgrade and oblige you with a squishy, breast flattening one (girls only please). Anyway, its good to have something to write again, lets jump in shall we? *insert jump here* It has been a very eventful … Continue reading Zoned

The Schema

Hello Mortals… OH MY GAWD! He finally posted something! Cool your lobules, this is not a proper post. It’s an appeal. Na beg I come beg una oh. Say make una no forget say this blog still dey. Yeah. So, while I am stuck in this mortal body, I’ve been forced to do things that you humans do. And a lot has been going on in my life recently, but I’ll be damned if you ever see any personal stuff on here. I’ve got a psychoanalyst and a psychiatrist in my bathroom and rearview mirrors respectively. So, we good. Still, … Continue reading The Schema

Dear God

You know, there comes a point in every man’s life where he pauses, takes a seat and reflects on certain things. If it hasn’t happened to you, you probably aren’t a man yet or you just have problems pausing to take a seat. Now i know TSC is a place where you come to just relax and probably read some hilarious stuff, Yup. That’s what it is, Nothing’s changed. What you are about to read is however one of those “i don’t know where this is heading but i’m just going to go with the flow posts” Sit back, relax…oh! … Continue reading Dear God