That Stupid Post…

Yay!!! Valentine is over and i live. Oh! You live too! Isn’t that awesome on multi levels and some? Like I mean, we totally scaled that hurdle. Anyway, if you think I’ll waste time, come here and begin to rant about the aftermath of Valentine’s day then you insult me on a subcutaneous level. What do you take me for, one of them let-me-write-something-so-that-they’ll-appreciate-my-genius-people? Yes, matter of fact, that’s who/what i am? Who the hell are you yimuing for? What insolence? How dare thee? Oh! You think because you’re over there behind that screen, I can’t harm you. Is that what you really think? Do you honestly believe that you are safe in the safety of the seemingly safe place you are right this minute? Allow me cure your delusional grandeur and put it to you in not so many a barrage of words that you are nut..sorry Not. There is no distance in the spirit, yes i think a pastor once said that, the problem is i don’t know what exactly he was referring to. Spirit as in spiritual or spirit as in alcohol. You do know that there is no distance in the spirit (alcohol). You can keep going and going. What on earth am i talking about? What’s wrong with me? I think i’ve lost my marbles but then again, did i really have marbles

Oh, there they are...

Can we substitute marbles for balls seeing as most marbles are balls. If i then say i have lost my marbles, does this mean i have lost my balls? Losing one’s balls can be equated to cowardice. But if there’s anything i know, it’s that i’m no coward. Far from it. I’m a bawse. Untouchable mehn…in fact, im a boze.  Boze >>>>>> bawse. At this point we are getting to the crux of this post. What? You don’t understand what i’ve been getting at since you started reading, are you a retard? No seriously, you can’t fathom the artsy, beautiful masterpiece that this post is? Let me put you out of your miserable misery. See each line, take the first words and read it vertically from top to bottom. Oya go…

Get it now? You don’t? Sigh…At this point, i put it to you that you have no right EVER to insult D’prince, Mr Bean or Mr Ibu for demonstrated acts of anti-intelligence. You actually believed that i would sit down and start putting words in vertical sentences to pass a message? What’s strong with you? Like seriously, i’ll do that? I know i’m a genius and all that intellectual stuff, matter of fact, my I.Q drips swagoo and doesn’t decrease in its quotient. Yes yes..don’t hate, appreciate. Why am i perceiving eba? Do you know eba has an unmistakable noticeable scent? It does i tell ya, i’m perceiving it now. But how can eba have a scent? Is it a perfume? This bothers me also. People say “that guy smells good” isn’t the word “smell” associated with just foul odours or did i miss the memo? Then again, don’t all fowls have odours? I’m yet to see any fowl emitting some D&G scents. Men that’ll be some cocky fowl or chic(k) as the case may be.

haha! clowns..

So can anyone tell me why you human beings have decided to bring yourself to the level of poultry by referring to yourselves as cocks and chicks? Such fowl behaviour from you lot. If you’re not poultry today, you’re dogs and female dogs. Do you see where your problems emanate from? The desire to be animals. Why not be mosquitoes and stuff? So you can fly away when shit hits the fan, then again, mosquitoes abhor fans so…Buzz off? Oh now you’re driving me away? Why the flip do you have that confused look on your face? Wait. Wait, Lets even get this straight, what do you want from me, a topic of discussion? Doesn’t TNC cater to that need on a daily, Dafuq does this look like 43 Fafunwa or Betty Tuesdays? I should get A-zed to come carry you away from here. Such piss taking! Oh, you think because you have a BB or Laptop you can just open my link and expect to read something that will entertain you. Am i E!? Do you think i give a rat’s ass about entertaining you? Hold up! I haven’t actually taken time to notice a rat’s ass. Assuming i had tho, I’m sure it won’t be anything worth giving. but then again…

He should know...

One of these days, i intend to write a total palindrome. You know those stories or poems that make sense when read eitherway

yeah. I’ll write such a’s one i did sometime ago on TNC…

I killed her
I said I loved her
She hurt me
Over and over again
This same scene
It keeps on playing
“Do I not learn?”
“Will I not hear?”
“Can I not see?”
I stare into her eyes
I listen for words unspoken
Her lips, they move
But they utter silence
Passers by,watching, looking
“Say something’ I scream
“Why did you do it?”
I shake her up a bit
I hold her close
She was my angel, my joy source
I shouldn’t have hit her
Now I regret
My emotions got the better of me
She had warned me
“I’m dangerous to love”
“I’m a jealous lover”
Though I loved her
With my own hands
I killed her

That’s a palindrome. read it from bottom or top, it makes sense. This post isn’t a palindrome. Yeah, i guess by this time you must have noticed that this post doesn’t have head or tail. of course it doesn’t. is it a fish? i mean, for real? I thought my readers were brilliant but i’m beginning to seriously doubt this. anyway, i shall put you out of your misery.Oh! the palindrome that was me showing off. Have you heard that stupid song by Bez and Praiz? of course, maybe or maybe not. it doesn’t even matter. How does that even come in to this matter? what’s going on? I’m done.

DISCLAIMER: This post doesn’t have a point but actually, it does, i just  don’t know what it is. It’s one of those moments that i just ..It’s kinda late for this disclaimer isn’t it? yeah, i think so too. So this disclaimer is to make you realize that the post you are about to read is quite meaningless. What? you’ve read it already? oh my why are you still here then? I’m a hazard to myself.

Yeah, i know. this was a cool bullshit story.

41 thoughts on “That Stupid Post…

  1. This is the art of rambling! I love to ramble, so I totally get it. And I like it!
    Btw, u have finally lost ur mind. But then again, did you ever have it?
    The poem is good, show off! 😐


  2. Can I hear a ‘cuckoo’
    Did the palindrome take very long to come up with? I like! Have you read ‘The Lost Generation’ palindrome?


  3. I can see the clues in this post..

    The Illuminati matrix….

    The Nazi’s key to World domination…

    Obasanjo’s perfect Ijebu Garri formula…

    All cleverly hidden… But I deciphered it all… I’m a genius 😀


    1. Ah! Wana, first of all, i apologise for failing to tag you. you slipped off my radar. As for the hidden messages, i never thought anyone would find ’em. You are so smart. yes, Genius is you!

      However, i was at the hospital the other day and discovered my truth bone is missing.


    1. Of course eba has a scent. it smells like garri and hot water. i bet you didn’t know that hot water has a scent sef. it smells like boiling water. i bet you didnt know that boiling…

      and that’s a wack palindrome!


  4. Love this…do something with oxymorons next time…
    Having said that,can’t help wondering where Ʊ lost ur insanely brilliant mind though…*applause*


  5. I loved the part where you had her thighs on either side of your face and you were lapping…


    Wrong post…


    It was my first time.
    And I loved it.
    She sank to her knees
    After that, I slit her throat
    With a kiss
    She betrayed me
    I loved her,
    I hated her.
    Because she betrayed me
    I killed her
    And I loved it.
    It was my first time.


  6. Kept reading until the end -________-
    Now I want to rant.
    *falls into the tub of eba*
    I didn’t decipher anything.
    Does this mean my IQ is low 😦
    Does it!?
    Tell me? 😦


  7. Lmao at the cat that doesn’t share his tasty ass. He be hitting it on the regular. He even eats the ass! Freaky nasty pussy cat. I want one -_-


  8. The aimless ramblings of an overworked psychopath…my thoughts. Pleasantly inspiring though…on a sub-human level.

    As for palindromes…more research is needed. I’ll hit you back…spritually, that is.



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