That Stupid Post…

Yay!!! Valentine is over and i live. Oh! You live too! Isn’t that awesome on multi levels and some? Like I mean, we totally scaled that hurdle. Anyway, if you think I’ll waste time, come here and begin to rant about the aftermath of Valentine’s day then you insult me on a subcutaneous level. What do you take me for, one of them let-me-write-something-so-that-they’ll-appreciate-my-genius-people? Yes, matter of fact, that’s who/what i am? Who the hell are you yimuing for? What insolence? How dare thee? Oh! You think because you’re over there behind that screen, I can’t harm you. Is that … Continue reading That Stupid Post…

The Origin

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here once again to waste time and talk about stuff that will not put money in your pocket or food on your table. Sorry. Today’s post will be… Where are my manners? Accept my apologies. Greetings! Mortals. Today’s post will be divided into two segments. One segment will be more interesting than the other. But you have to read through the first segment to get to the second. The first will be talking about the real origin of Valentine (as I promised last week), and in the second segment we will be revealing my top … Continue reading The Origin


*Walks into TSC office and slumps into chair* It’s only the second month of the year and it feels like we’ve been at this struggle all our lives. Well then again, we have. January was the height of financial drainage and just when we thought it was over and we could ease into some peace of mind and financial stability, BOOM!!! Another bomb! Relax, I’m not talking BH aka Boko Haram. By the way, if Benson & Hedges don’t do something fast, they’ll lose that acronym. Sigh…where was I? Oh yes.. BOOM!!! Another bomb, This time from… *Phone beeps, reads … Continue reading Cupid/Stupid


Mortals! It’s been a goddamn busy week for me and it has been so fucking stressful, that I haven’t had time to write anything (for myself). Apparently, I’m too selfless (fuck you! I am!) for my own good, and I should put my fucking blog first. Am I the only one who thinks there are too many expletives in that paragraph? Let’s try something shall we? No curse words in this post, except for the ones that have already been dropped of course. Good! Just sweet loving and pounded yam lingo. Note: The words “Bitch” and “Nigga” are not curse … Continue reading Cheating?