#NaWash… Kindly drop your “Happy birthday” messages and safely exit. Thanks. 😀


26 thoughts on “LaunDry

  1. Happy birthday! We can’t thank God enough for you seeing as you have 9 lives…. We pray as you start a new phase, you have a greater revelation of. God’s will for your life & fulfil your destiny. God bless you & have a fun day!


  2. Loooooooooooool!
    I can’t swear for you on your birthday. LMAAAAOOOOO!!!!! You self-loving nincompoop!!! No happy birthday for you, mehn!
    *Grumbles* Happy birthday. You know I love you. -_-


  3. Mumu!
    Pls get some birthday sex. I heard that shit is awesome! I mean real sex o and not all the skype sex you have with Eze.
    *that shit’s not gangsta bro, it’s a new year!*
    Oh snap! Happy birthday jare. Even though I still think you were dropped by a stork, cos no way you’re normal. With your 9 lives and shii… :p
    You were born for a purpose go ahead to achieve that and be awesome at it.
    Have a great year.

    Larry Sushey


  4. Olorun, Ode ni e Kelvin…. HahajjsnakkapphAhjahaybhfhdhdihfhfhrhdhdthhdhhdhdahhdhdhdy….. Finf the ‘happy birthday’ there, and take it -_-


  5. Chai sirka.. I actually geared up to read a long post..custard pancake and all. i thought you wanted to give the XY’s tips on how to ruin our vals day hopes or something. Happy birthday. U’re my fave blogger and i look forward to your input on my TL. your sense of humour is out of this world. No be persil.


  6. May you experience Him in a new dimension, may He give you knowledge of witty inventions and creative won’t die, the ink in your pen will never run dry. Have an adventurous year ahead.


  7. Holy shit! I’m late!

    *enters blog still trying to wear suit trouser and shoes*


    Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen.

    Sirkastiq is not around to give you guys nuggets of wisdom for today. Neither am I going to, but at least, I’ll make a few announcements.

    1. Gay well wishers are just that. Well….wishers. Y’all aint getting that Saka booty. Back off. No pun intended. No homo. You’re allowed to post your birthday wishes though.

    2. Girls who are crushing and what not…should send their pictures to for scrutiny.

    3. BIS money is appreciated. MTN. Send to me. I’ll forward (some of) it.

    4. Birthday sex. Yes. Loads of it. Also to be sent through me. For scrutiny purposes strictly.

    (This is my lame attempt to get laid off a blog. SHUT UP! It will work)

    Enough fooling around.

    Happy Birthday my mentor. I love you. Big fat homo men! I hope you’ll find your purpose in life. Clock’s ticking. Have a great day.


  8. Nigga, how many times you want a special dude like me to wish you happy birthday? You go pay?!

    Happy Birthday sha. Manage all the prayer wey I pray for you before. They’re non-refundable, so enjoy (Y)


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